7 European Countries Where College Is 100% Free

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7 European Countries Where College Is 100% Free

Getting a free education is something that is not as easy as ABC these days, especially in this period where every organisation is aiming at generating revenue for themselves. A college degree is one of the strongest certificate one can actually achieve in life, but the best is always being able to get it for free.

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Footing college bills especially when you don’t have the financial capacity of bearing the burden could be very discouraging. A college degree should be the most important thing once the process of education begins. We all have the dream to have free colleges everywhere in the world.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case everywhere.  There are however certain countries in the world where the taxpayer pays the bill for all students looking to get a college degree.  The countries in this list are mainly in Europe and have cultures that “take care of each other”.



Estonia, a country in Northern Europe, borders the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. Including more than 1,500 islands, its diverse terrain spans rocky beaches, old-growth forest and many lakes

Public Universities In Estonia

Tallinn University Not ranked
Tallinn University of Technology Not ranked
University of Tartu Not ranked

Above are the details of some of the public Universities in Estonia.

6. Denmark


Denmark is one of 8 countries with some free college university programs

Top Colleges & Universities In Denmark

University of Copenhagen Times Higher Education World Ranking #82
Aurhus University Time Higher Education World Ranking #106
Technical University of Denmark Time Higher Education World Ranking #167
Aalborg University Time Higher Education World Ranking #201-250
Copenhagen Business School Time Higher Education World Ranking #201-250
University of Southern Denmark Time Higher Education World Ranking #301-350



According to the 2015 OECD report, Finland is one of 8 countries with free college university systems

Top 10 Public Universities in Finland

University of Helsinki Administrative Staff – 8000 Employees
Abo Academy University Administrative Staff – 1300 Employees
University of Turku Administrative Staff – 3319 Employees
University of Tampere Administrative Staff – 1982 Employees
University of Jyvaskyla Administrative Staff – 2583 Employees
University of Oulu Administrative Staff – 2852 Employees
University of Vaasa Administrative Staff – 498 Employees
University of Lapland Administrative Staff – 633 Employees
University of Eastern Finland Administrative Staff – 2800 Employees
Aalto Universirty Administrative Staff – 4424 Employees

4. Norway


According to the 2015 OECD report, Norway is one of 8 countries with free college university systems

Most Popular Universities In Norway

University of Oslo Number of Full Time Students – 27,628
University of Bergen Number of Full Time Students – 17,000
Western Norway University of Applied Sciences Number of Full Time Students – 16,000
University of Tromso Number of Full Time Students – 9500
University of Stavanger Number of Full Time Students – 9000

3. Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

Slovak Republic (Slovakia)

Slovakia is one of the top 8 countries with free college university systems

Top Colleges In The Capital – Bratislava

University of Economics In Bratislava Popular Study Program – Business Management
University of Technology In Bratislava Popular Study Program – Civil Engineering
Comenius University In Bratislava Popular Study Program – Mathematics and Physics
University of Performing Arts In Bratislava Popular Study Program – Music and Dance
Academy of Fine Arts and Design In Bratislava Popular Study Program – Architecture

2. Slovenia


According to the 2015 OECD report, Slovenia is one of 8 countries with free college university systems

Top College In Slovenia

University of Ljubljana Established in 1919
  1. Turkey

  2. Turkey

Turkey has over 178 different universities to choose coursework from :

Here Are 3 Of The Oldest Universities

Ankara University Established – 1946
Istanbul Universities Established – 1933
Istanbul Technical University Established – 1944



10 Richest People In The World In 2017

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10 Richest People In The World In 2017

Money rules the world, according to the popular phrase being used by many. The world revolves around the financial
status of powerful individuals. You will recall how we wrote an article regarding the most the most handsome men in
America and most of the persons found in the list are actually humans with fat bank accounts or notable figures.

The likes of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Aliko Dangote (Dangote) have proven to the world that money indeed creates relevance to some certain extent. Entrepreneurship is one act that is seriously being encouraged in our society, considering the fact that majority of the individuals in the modernised society have decided to embrace the business strategy. In recent times, Bloomberg actually released a list of the riches people in the world and their networth in billions of dollars.

Stay put while i touch down few of these individuals.

10. Ingvar Kamprad

Image via

Ingvar Kamprad hails from Sweden as is actually a big time business magnate. He is the founder of IKEA, a retail company
specialising in furniture.

The business tycoon was born on the 30th of March 1926 and is 90 years old.

9. Lawrence Joseph

Image via

Out of ten, you must surely find one within the computer world. Lawrence Joseph prides himself in the number nine (9) spot today.Lawrence is an American businessman who is the co-founder of Oracle Corporation and was actually the chief executive officer (ceo) until the later of 2014.

The business tycoon is said to be valued around $43.4 billion dollars.

8. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

The name “Zuckerberg” may sound a little strange to you. But what if we say the guy up there actually is the ceo of facebook? Yea. Mark actually earned the number 8 spot as the richest men on earth

He is said to have a networth of 62.4 billion USD (2017) dollars and is married to Priscilla Chan. He was born in 1984 and is also an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur.

7. Carlos Slim

Image via

Carlos Slim is no name to be forgotten in the list of the world richest men.

Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican business guru,investor, and philanthropist.H was ranked the richest in the world within the year 2010 to 2013.

Born on the 28th of January, 1940. He is said to have a networth of $55.4billion.

Married with kids and has about six siblings.

6. David Koch

Image via

David Koch is an American businessman and a political activist too. He is a chemical engineer. David joined the family business Koch industries, in a recent report by wikipedia, the business is said to be the second largest privately held company in the United States in 1070.

David was born on the 3rd of May 1940 and has a networth of about $48billion. He is married to Julia Flesher and has three kids.

5. Charles Koch

Charles Koch

Charles Koch is also an American Businessman and a poltical donor. He is the brother to David Koch and serves as the executive Vice President of the company.

Charles was born on the 1st of November 1935 and has a networth of 48.6 billion.

He is married to Liz Koch.

4. Jeff Bezo

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon. He is an American technology and retail entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of Amazon, one of the world’s largest online shopping website.

He was born on the 12th of January 1964 and has a networth of about 73.3 billion.

He is married to MacKenzie Bezos and has featureed in the film titled Star Trek Beyond.

3. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet has been in the business of being rich for long and this is no new news.He is considered as one of the
most successful investors in the world and eventually became the second richest man in the world at some time.

Warren was born on the 30th of August and has a networth of 76.1 billion.

He has three children Peter,Howard Graham and Susan Alice.

2. Amancia Ortega

Amancio Ortega

Amancia Ortega is the Founder and chairman of the Inditex fashion group,the company which is best known for its global brand Zara.

The Spanish business magnate is valued at $75.8 billion and is the second richest person in the world.

DOB – Born: 28 March 1936 (age 80 years).

  1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Do i need say more? Well said. He has remained in this spot for so long and has continued to dorminate as the number one richest man in the world.

Bill Gate is the founder of Microsoft company which became the world’s largest personal computer software company.

He was born on the 28th of October 1955.

He is married to Melinda Gates and has three kids.

Top 10 Richest Kids In The World

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Top 10 Richest Kids In The World

No doubt that with the way things are going there are some kids that are by far richer than fully grown men/women. Some of these kids acquired their potential riches through their efforts, parents fame/influence, talents and lots more. How can we forget how we talked about the 10 Richest People In The World In 2017. So, let’s head onto our list of the Top 10 Richest Kids In The World.

Jaden Smith

Image via HeyMikeyATL

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith is an American actor and rapper. He is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. Jaden Smith’s first movie role was with his father in the 2006 film The Pursuit of Happyness -Wiki.

Jaden Smith also started his working on his own and began to make some cool bucks for himself at the age of seven which is really pretty cool for a kid like him.

His personal net worth is estimated to be over $9 million, but he also has the money his parents will eventually leave to him, making his current Smith family income over $554 million.

Dannielynn Birkhead Marshall

Image via DailyMail

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead is an American child model, tabloid sensation and reality television personality.

She is the daughter of the late great Anna Nichole Smith who wan an actress and also a model. Dannielynn also followed the footstep of her mother and eventually got a plum job for modeling as Kids Guess. She now worth over $10 million

Suri Cruise

Image via Celebrity Baby Scoop

Shuri is an 11-year-old of actor Tom Cruise and actress and model Kate Holmes. Though she has no been with her father for a long time now because he divorced his mother.

her father is worth an estimated $500 million and her mother is worth $26 million and Suri has already began to take some acting and modeling  positions which makes her among the list of richest kids in the world.

Valentina Paloma Pinault

Image via Zimbio

Valentina was born into a very wealthy home and her father is worth $15 billion and her mother is worth $88 million. Although Valentina has not actually earned any of her own money, there is a house worth over $12 million in her name. That’s a lot of wealth for a 7-year-old. She stands to inherit a great wealth and already has a $25 million trust fund in her name.

Los Chicos Gates

Image via iLyke

Bill and Melinda Gates have three children, two daughters, Pheobe and Jennifer, and a son, Rory. Bill has a net worth of $85 billion while Melinda has $51 billion. However, they give the majority of their income to charity. But, the Gates have set up trusts for each of the children with $50 million each when they turn 21 years of age. After their father passes away, they all stand to inherit a great deal more since his income is steadily rising each year and he has them all in his will.

Reed, Eve And Erin Jobs

Image via Paratic

Known as the children of the Apple Empire, they are the children of the late Steve Jobs. At the time of his death, Jobs was worth $25 million and his wife, Lauren Powell, inherited his fortune. He had previously set up trust funds for all three of the children with an unknown amount in each account. They don’t have a net worth listed with Forbes magazine, they are estimated to be worth around $20 million as a group and stand to inherit their mother’s money when she passes.

George Alexander Louis

Image via DailyMail

Prince George of Cambridge is the elder child and only son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

One of the richest kids in the world, and also one of the youngest. George Alexander Louis is also known as Prince George of Cambridge. He is the son of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. His parent’s royal wedding was one of the most watched events on television all over the world. The press continues to write about the Royals daily. The next most publicized event was the birth of little baby George

Abigail Breslin

Image via Huffington Post

She began her career when she landed a gig for a commercial when she was 3-years-old. Two years later, Breslin debuted in her first film, Signs (2002) directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The film was a box office success. Her breakthrough performance came in the year 2006 when she starred in a comedy-drama called Little Miss Sunshine. The film was a critical and commercial success and Breslin received rave reviews for her excellent performance. She received many nominations including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and Screen Actors Guild Award. Breslin has starred in other films like No Reservations(2007), My Sister’s Keeper (2009) , Zombieland (2009), August: Osage County (2013),  Ender’s Game (2013) etc.

Nick D’aloisio

Image via HMH In The News

Nick D’aloisio is a 19-years-old computer programmer from United Kingdom. He became an internet entrepreneur when he was just 15 years of age. A technological genius, D’aloisio is best known for inventing Summly, an application for iOS which he later sold to Yahoo for $30 million. He received many accolades including Wall Street Journal’s “Innovator of the Year”, TIME Magazine’s one of the world’s most influential teenagers etc. In 2014 he won the Apple Design Award at WWDC. Currently, pursuing Computer Science and Philosophy from Hertford College, Oxford University, D’aloisio is one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world.

Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt

Image via Wetpaint

Who hasn’t heard of Brangelina right? Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt are twins of Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. When they were born in 2008, in a seaside hospital in Nice, France, there were media people circling the place like a vulture tryimg to catch one glimpse of the children. The first picture of Knox & Vivienne Jolie Pitt was reported sold for $14 million which became the most expensive celebrity photographs ever taken. Since Knox & Vivienne are children of one of the highest paid celebrities in the world, it’s no surprise they ended up in the number 2 passion of the 10 wealthiest kids in the world today.

Tourist Ignores Danger Signs And Gets Blown To Death By Jet Engine

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Tourist Ignores Danger Signs And Gets Blown To Death By Jet Engine
A view of a landing jet at the airport. Photo Credit: Princess Juliana International Airport

Tourists flock to Princess Juliana International Airport on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten to catch a glimpse of jets nearly skimming the beach on their ultra-low takeoffs and landings. Numerous signs warn the tourists not to get too close, lest they get blown to their deaths by the landing jet’s air blasts. Guess what happened yesterday?

Sadly, a 57-year-old woman from New Zealand ignored numerous signs directly warning her that exactly what she was doing could get her killed yesterday when she held on to a fence as a Boeing 737 took off directly above her. She was blown back from the fence from the force of the plane’s engines, struck her head on concrete and died shortly thereafter, as the New Zealand Herald reports.

Watch this video of another tourist back in 2012 also holding on to the fence behind a departing jet at this airport and also getting blown off and also hitting the concrete. You can see how lucky she was to have survived.

The Herald spoke with Rolando Brison, director of tourism for the island of St Maarten, who explained that the family knew what was going on:

“I met with the family of the deceased this evening and while they recognised that what they did was wrong, through the clearly visible danger signs, they regret that risk they took turned out in the worst possible way.

“At this time I only wish to express my deepest sympathy to the family and loved ones while we continue to investigate what transpired just hours ago.”

The Herald continued, speaking to an aviation expert on just how extremely and obviously bad of an idea this was:

Aviation commentator Peter Clark said jet blast was “incredibly dangerous”, particularly if someone was standing behind a large aircraft.


“There’s less than 50m from the end of the runway to the water. It’s a normal runway but it’s just very much, it’s a very tight runway . . . the planes come right over that beach, virtually to touch down.”

He said thrill seekers liked to stand by the end of the runway so the jet blast could throw them into the water.

“People know the dangers . . . it would pick you up like a piece of paper.”

Again, here’s what those warning signs look like, even illustrating how you would get blown to your demise.

Photo Credit: Brian Summers

We humans are so small and weak compared to modern jets. Please be safe when you’re traveling, y’all.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened This Week (6/2/17)

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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Things That Happened This Week (6/2/17)

MORRIS M. JUNE 2, 2017

Keeping up with the news is hard. So hard, in fact, that we’ve decided to save you the hassle by rounding up the most mind-blowing stories eachweek. The week that took us out of May and into June was a decidedly mixed bag.

For every horrific natural disaster, there was a great scientific discovery. For every violent attack, there was a bizarre story waiting in the wings about hidden treasure. From the bad to the good, here are the highlights of humanity’s topsy-turvy world last week.

10The Afghan Capital Was Devastated By A Gigantic Bomb

Photo credit: BBC

Until recently, Kabul was one of the safest places in Afghanistan. The capital was protected by the “ring of steel”—a supposedly impenetrable circle of police checks and roadblocks. Even as the rest of the country disintegrated, Kabul flourished, creating one of the freest cities in the Middle East.

That all began to change two years ago as the Taliban grew in strength andISIS arrived. Deadly attacks at protests and hotels killed scores. But none was as audacious as Monday’s. A suicide bomber managed to drive a sewage truck filled with explosives past the ring of steel into the highly guarded embassy district. He detonated it in the middle of a busy junction. The resulting blast flattened the area, killing over 90 and leaving 400 injured.

The bomb was the biggest to explode in Kabul in years. People on the other side of the city thought an earthquake was happening. While neither ISIS nor the Taliban has yet claimed responsibility, it seems likely that one of them was behind it. It also seems like the old days of Kabul being a safe haven from the horror engulfing the country are truly over.

9Panama’s Vicious Ex-Dictator Finally Died

Photo credit:

Manuel Noriega was the archetype of a mad Latin American dictator. Rising to power in the early 1980s, he became the CIA’s “man in Panama,” passing on information to the US even as he flooded Miami with cocaine. Known as “Pineapple Face” due to his scarring, he looked and acted like a villain from a Saturday morning cartoon show. Not that there was much laughter in Panama. Under Noriega’s regime, political opponents were frequently abducted, brutally tortured, and murdered.

By 1989, Noriega had gone too crazy even for the CIA. After his security forces attacked off-duty American soldiers, George H.W. Bush ordered the invasion of Panama. Approximately 27,000 troops overwhelmed the tiny nation. Noriega was arrested at the Vatican Embassy on January 3, 1990. From that moment until he died this week at age 83, he spent all his time in prison.

His death effectively closes two odd chapters in American history: one where the CIA actively supported Latin dictators and one where US military action could quickly restore democracy to a foreign dictatorship.

8We Got Up Close And Personal With Jupiter

Photo credit:

If you’re the kind of person who loves dramatic pictures of deep space (join the club), this has been a wonderful few years to be alive. NASA’s rover mission to Mars and flyby of Pluto have generated images of dizzying, breathtaking beauty. And now the space agency has done it again. This week, we got the first pictures back from their mission to Jupiter. You better believe they were awe-inspiring.

There were detailed images of ammonia clouds swirling with crystals of ice. Of bright blue cyclones over 970 kilometers (600 mi) across. Of patterns and whorls and storms moving over the surface of the biggest planet in oursolar system. It was the best look we’ve ever had at Jupiter up close, and it left the world gasping for more.

Of course, NASA didn’t just go to Jupiter to collect pretty pictures. The brainiest among us will be equally excited about new discoveries concerning Jupiter’s variable magnetic fields. But for the rest of us, these images alone are enough to instill a sense of childlike wonder.

7Sri Lanka Was Hit By Devastating Floods

Photo credit:

Just off the coast of India, tiny Sri Lanka—a country smaller than Scotland—frequently bears the brunt of the subcontinent’s chaotic weather. But rarely has it been hit as badly as it was over the weekend. Monsoon rains caused devastating flooding that left some communities 4 meters (12 ft) underwater. Landslides swamped entire villages. By the time the floodwaters began to recede, over 200 people were dead and more than half a million were left homeless.

This is the worst flooding to hit Sri Lanka since 2003, when 250 died in the monsoon rains. Shockingly, this year’s death toll may yet exceed that grim total. Many areas are still underwater, and those displaced by the flooding have been crammed into unsanitary temporary shelters. Together, these conditions set the stage for a potential dengue outbreak, with the mosquito-borne disease having already claimed 125 lives this year.

As with the tragic Colombian landslide we reported in April, the death toll inSri Lanka has been exacerbated by overlogging, as the removal of forests has made mudslides more potent. We can only hope steps are taken to stop this from happening again.

6Russian Explorers Discovered A Secret Stash Of ‘Commie Gold’

Photo credit: BBC

We’re all familiar with the trope of hidden Nazi gold. While all recent attempts to uncover Nazi treasure have ended in failure, the same can no longer be said for its Soviet equivalent. On Sunday, a group from Saint Petersburg was exploring an old mine a few hours outside Moscow when they stumbled across a pile of banknotes totaling one billion Soviet rubles.

The BBC estimates that the pile of “Commie treasure” is technically worth $18 million. We say “technically” because this haul of a lifetime came with one planet-sized caveat. The Soviet notes are no longer legal tender in the Russian Federation. The gigantic pile of money that could have bought a whole town 27 years ago is now completely worthless.

Still, the find was exciting from a historical perspective. The banknotes were issued between 1961 and 1991 and represent a comprehensive collection of Soviet money from those times. They also shine an interesting light on post–Communist Russia’s attempts to “bury” its past. According to reports, there may be at least two more such sites in Russia, their billions of notes still waiting to be found.

5A Shocking Knife Attack Left Portland Reeling

Photo credit:

This week proved that good deeds really don’t go unpunished. After a crazed young man (Jeremy Joseph Christian) started screaming racist slurs at two girls on a Portland train, three men got up to intervene. Their names were Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, Micah Fletcher, and US army veteran Ricky John Best. For trying to make the world a better place, they werestabbed in the throats and left to die.

After his arrest, the attacker identified himself as a “patriot” and said he hoped all three died. Sadly, two did. Namkai-Meche, 23, and Best, 53, succumbed to their injuries, while Fletcher’s injuries missed being fatal by a single millimeter. Heartbreakingly, Namkai-Meche had time to tell those around him to “tell everyone on this train I love them.”

Christian was already known to police after he was forcibly evicted from a Donald Trump rally for abusing and assaulting Trump supporters. His Facebook page showed a deep-seated hatred of male circumcision: “I want a job in Norway cutting off the heads of people that Circumcize Babies….Like if you agree!!!” and an erratic swinging from the left to the right of the political spectrum: “Bernie Sanders was the President I wanted, He voiced my heart and mind. The one who spoke about the way America should gone. [ . . . ] The Trump is who America needs now that Bernie got ripped off.” But then in November he changed his mind and said: “I’ve had it!!! I gonna kill everybody who voted for Trump or Hillary!!! It’s all your fault!!! You’re what’s wrong with this country!!!”

The attacker now faces the death penalty, a sentence Oregon hasn’t carried out in over two decades. But even if he dies, it won’t change the fact that Best’s four children are now without a father and Namkai-Meche’s parents have lost their son. With his mindless actions, the attacker made an already cruel world an even worse place.

4Mississippi Suffered Its Deadliest Mass Shooting

Photo credit: The Guardian

Until this week, Mississippi’s deadliest mass shooting was the 2003 Lockheed Martin plant massacre, which left seven people dead. Sadly, this grim tally has now been exceeded. On Sunday, an argument about child custody in a rural town spiraled out of control. The father grabbed a gun. When the smoke cleared, eight people were dead.

After slaughtering three of his family members and a sheriff’s deputy in one home, the shooter went to two more houses, adding four more bodies to the pile. Perhaps the worst part is the massacre wasn’t a quick impulse reaction. At least seven hours passed between the first killings and the last slaughter, a shameful period of time for a cop killer to be wandering free.

When he was arrested, the 35-year-old shooter claimed he’d intended to commit suicide by cop but “ran out of bullets.” Given Mississippi’s use of the death penalty, he’ll likely get his wish granted soon. It’s just a tragedy he had to take eight innocent people with him.

3Bangladesh’s Government Finally Stared Down Fundamentalism

Photo credit: The Telegraph

Despite being a secular state, Bangladesh has struggled recently with a rising tide of Islamist fundamentalism. Attacks on atheists and liberals as well as anti–free speech protests have all created a chilling climate of fear, where the hardliners seem to be winning.

The story of Lady Justice seemed to be just another sad example. After hardliners organized mass protests, the government was forced to remove a statue of Lady Justice from the Supreme Court. The protesters had claimed the female figure’s position near a prayer ground insulted Islam. But no sooner was the statue down than new protests began, this time targeting statues nowhere near holy sites. Mindless extremism seemed to be winning.

Then something unexpected happened. The government put the statue back up (albeit inside the building).

It seemed that the secular Bangladeshi government had finally gotten tired of being bossed around by Islamist extremists and had grown half a backbone. The move dealt a blow to hardliners, showing them enlightenment values are more important than their perverse take on religion. Hopefully, this will mark the moment when Bangladesh’s slow slide toward Pakistan-style religious mob rule was finally halted.

2Jared Kushner Got Ensnared In The FBI’s Russia Probe

Photo credit:

The White House is no longer taking questions about Russia. It could be because they’re hiding something, or it could be because they’re sick of hearing about it. Either way, it’s unlikely to stop the tsunami of stories that keep emerging.

Last Friday, The Washington Post and The New York Times revealed that President Trump’s son-in-law/senior adviser Jared Kushner had met with the head of Russia’s state-owned Vnesheconombank in December to discuss setting up a private “back channel” for communications. This would mean he could communicate with Moscow without Congress, the CIA, or the FBI ever knowing what they talked about.

This isn’t that unusual. President Obama established a similar back channel with Iran during the nuclear negotiations. However, US law makes conducting diplomacy as a private citizen—as Mr. Kushner was prior to January 19—illegal.

Since it’s alleged that he discussed money, that would also violate sanctions placed on Russia since the annexing of Crimea. (US law makes it illegal to even talk about doing business with a bank hit by sanctions.) If Kushnergoes down on either charge, it could cause the White House even more Russia headaches.

Update: In breaking news today, new Clinton emails have emerged showing that Huma Abedin, working for Hillary Clinton, set up back channels for the Russians with the State Department. Perhaps “people in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.”

1The Paris Climate Agreement Got Torn To Shreds

Photo credit:

Yesterday, President Trump announced that the US is pulling out of the 2016 Paris climate accord (also known as the “Paris Agreement”). The Paris Agreement is the biggest climate accord ever signed, with 195 countries (including the US at that time) originally on-board. Only Nicaragua and Syria refused to take part.

It was one of President Obama’s biggest achievements, but critics say it strangles growth in US oil and coal industries. With America pulling out, other big CO2 emitters may quickly follow suit.

Or will they? The EU, China, and Russia have all pledged in the last few hours to stay on-board with the Paris Agreement, potentially leaving the US isolated on the world stage. Is the Paris Agreement doomed? We guess we’ll find out soon enough.

+Whitehouse Leaking And Surveillance Scandal

Just yesterday it was announced that the Department of Justice had issued FISA warrants to tap the phones of certain journalists in order to uncover the Whitehouse staff leaking classified or sensitive information to the press. This comes hot on the heels of subpoenas being served to the NSA, FBI, and CIA, and former Obama officials Susan Rice (National Security Advisor), John Brennan (CIA Director), and former UN Ambassador Samantha Power.

The aim of the subpoenas is to investigate whether the Obama administration was illegally using foreign-intelligence power to spy on US nationals (including Trump campaign staff). If it turns out to be true it far surpasses the crimes of Watergate in that certain members of the Clinton campaign were privy to the daily security briefings that Obama was given, meaning that the campaign had access to secret wiretaps of their opposition. This could well prove to be a case of extreme-projection on the part of the DNC with its daily accusations of Russian tampering in the 2016 election.

Listening in on journalists is highly unusual, but there is a precedent . . . In 2013 news broke that Obama’s Justice Department had obtained the phone records of numerous AP journalists covering a two month period. In a further twist, mere days before Trump was sworn in as president, Obama signed an executive order extended the alphabet agencies’ power to wiretap US nationals and greatly broadening the audience for unmasked intelligence data.

Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Facebook

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Top 10 Disturbing Facts About Facebook


Ever since the Edward Snowden incident, people are suspicious of major online companies such as Facebook and Google. We know they are collecting lots of data. Only Facebook knows how much data they collect on their users, but estimates peg the number at about 500 terabytes per day.A terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes. The average 720p movie is about one gigabyte. That means Facebook is collecting the equivalent of 510,000 movies every day.

The sheer scale of data mining is impressive, but what they can do with this data is more impressive, or creepy, depending where you sit on the megalomaniac scale. Facebook is a part of everyday life. Is that a good thing? Here are ten disturbing facts about Facebook to help you decide.

10Facial Recognition

When a friend tags in a photo on Facebook, this information is added to Facebook’s giant stack of data. The social network has AI bots that sift through all this data to do pattern matching with your face.

Facebook’s algorithm is so good that they claim to have an accuracy of 98 percent. With every newly uploaded photo, they get better at pattern matching faces. The question now becomes how long we have until Facebook sells this information to retailers. Remember that scene inMinority Report when Tom Cruise is in a shop that changes what is on the mannequin based on what they know about him?

9Facebook Knows Where You Are At All Times

If you have the Facebook Messenger app, the chances are that you didn’t tell it to stop sharing your location. It’s not a bad thing if you want Facebook to know where you are. But what about other people? What if a stalker wanted to track you down and follow you? Could they also use Facebook Messenger?

One programmer investigated and created a simple Chrome plugin called Marauder’s Map. The name refers to a map Harry Potter had in Hogwarts that allowed him to see where everyone was in the castle. Marauder’s Map was capable of giving the exact coordinates of friends who used Messenger.

By looking at a simple map, the programmer was able to identify exactly where his friends were. In response, Facebook disabled location sharing from the Messenger app. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t collecting that data.

8Using Facebook Makes You Feel Worse

The more you use Facebook, the worse you will feel. Heavy use of social media has been shown to cause a host of different problems, including decreased face-to-face relationships, increased sedentary behavior, and erosion of self-esteem through unfavorable social comparison. Studies carried out by Yale showed that the use of Facebook had a substantial impact on mental health. The activity of liking other’s content and clicking links predicted a self-reported decrease in physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.

When it comes to Facebook, people carefully tailor what is presented to show the highlights of their life and omit the downsides. Others who are browsing someone’s profile feel worse when they are comparing themselves to that person’s highlights.

7Facebook Creates An Echo Chamber For Your Views

After the election of Donald Trump and the recent Brexit crisis, people were quick to turn the blame toward Facebook and Google for curating “fake news” articles. The evidence was so strong that even the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had to make a promise to filter out fake news sites and warn users not to be swayed by different websites.

The mainstream media focused on “fake news” (probably because it was competing with them) but failed to mention the other problem people faced with Facebook: what is referred to as the “filter bubble.”

Facebook’s main aim is to to get you to spend lots of time on their platform. If you read the above entry, you might now think this is bad for your health. It’s also bad for your intellect. Facebook gets you to stay around by curating what they think you will like to see. The problem with this is that, for example, if you are a left-wing political supporter, you will never see content showing the positive aspects of right-wing politics, and the same principle holds if you’re right-wing. This filter bubble also makes it seem that the political party you support is more popular than they are, even if they’re not.

Despite the mission of bringing people together, this aspect of Facebook may be driving them apart.

6Facebook Negatively Influences People With Eating Disorders

A small study with 84 college women at Florida State University found that those who use Facebook more often were more likely to report disordered eating. Another study from the American University in Washington, DC, found that girls who scan Facebook photos are more likely to indicate body dissatisfaction.

Once again, we come back to how Facebook makes us compare ourselves to others. If it can have an effect on people who aren’t currently suffering from any mental illness, the effect may be more pronounced on people already facing severe psychological issues like eating disorders.

5Facebook Makes Lonely People Feel Even More Lonely

New York University clinical psychiatrist Dr. Sudeepta Varma stated that Facebook keeps people in the know about what others are doing—but it also reminds them of what they themselves aren’t doing, which can make them feel left out. That was the conclusion from the study of 82 young adults who were active Facebook users.

The most shocking thing about this study is that it happened over two short weeks. After only two weeks of use, Facebook led to a steep decline in subjective happiness.

4Facebook Knows More About You Than You Think

Facebook’s News Feed is designed to keep you engaged as long as possible. During that time, Facebook builds an ever-evolving and complex mesh ofdata on their users. They create a profile using predictive analysis, which allows them to find out how susceptible you are to advertising, which way you lean politically, and whether you are more likely to pay with cash or a credit card.

They even guess how intelligent you are, based on what content you like. If you want to get a small snapshot into the kind of data Facebook collects, then I highly recommend the Chrome plugin Data Selfie.

3Facebook Engages In Political Censorship

Despite Facebook’s mission to have a society that is free and open, they have acted opposite to this goal by engaging in political censorship at a state level. There have been many examples of this, such as their blocking a page announcing a protest in Russia, an action that was a direct order from the Russian government.

Another example is in China, where Facebook developed special software to censor users’ posts. They even went as far as censoring satire because a UK government agency complained. Facebook also censored two men kissing.

2Facebook Will Happily Sell Your Data

Just when you think it can’t get worse than political censorship, you find out that anyone and everyone can get access to your data. Mastercard recently purchased Facebook data that details users’ online habits to uncover behavioral insights it can sell to banks. The intention is to merge Facebook’s data with their own so that they can also drive online sales.

Okay, Mastercard is a big company with lots cash. “Surely it wasn’t cheap,” you say. Well, one man spent $5 to acquire a total of one million Facebook users’ personal information. Facebook’s response was quite scary. They requested that the man send them the file, delete it from his computer, and “keep quiet.”

1Facebook Knows When You Are Sleeping

Through the Facebook Messenger app, users can see when someone was last active. Intrigued, a developer by the name of Soren Louv-Jansen started to look into this a bit more. By correlating user IDs with a time stamp, he was actually able to build a graph of all his friends’ sleeping patterns.

One hacker went even further and discovered that you could find out what device people were last active on. What an excellent way to freak out your friends. Just don’t use any of this information to open up to a girl you’ve had a crush on for a long time. It will make things weird. Fast.

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Mystery of the Flickering Red Lights in the White House Grips the Internet

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Mystery of the Flickering Red Lights in the White House Grips the Internet

Today 1:04pm

GIF source: Fox 35

Internet-fueled conspiracy theories have plagued US politics over the last year and made voters on both sides of the aisle appear to be reactionary maniacs. But conspiracy theories can also be fun. And the entirely benign saga of red lights flashing in the windows of the second-floor residence of the White House is about as fun as these things get.

A livestream of the White House went viral last night in certain corners of the internet when strange red lights were seen strobing in the windows for almost 17 minutes. White House spokespeople and the Secret Service offered no comment on the cause of the phenomenon, so the internet did what it does and served up some wild speculation. No one seemed to nail a really good joke about the situation but the general strangeness of the situation was enough.

The most ubiquitous theory was that it had something to do with Russiabecause of the color red. Others joked that Trump was blowing off some steam with a club night. Maybe the orb from Saudi Arabia was brought homeby the administration? Dark occult rituals were certainly a possibility. There’s a movie from 1977 called Red Light in the White House, could it offer any clues?InfoWars told everyone they were being unreasonable with their nutjob reactions. And by far, my favorite hypothesis is that Trump was being treated with light therapy for his dimentia.

But none of those scenarios are likely to be true. The most reasonableexplanation has been that we’re simply seeing the reflection of a nearby emergency vehicle’s lights in the windows. Here’s a video of an ambulance in Washington DC. Let’s go to the GIFs for further analysis. Enhance:

White House:


Yeah, different playback rates aside, it definitely appears that those emergency light patterns could line up. Thanks for the memories internet.