Manna Ismaya Adventure Tour Guide :

We used Manna  means Food from God (in Old Testimony mentioned that God Given Food …. flour down from the sky to a tribe that travelling 40 years in the desert.)


We use the name Ismaya from Wayang Purwa which uses Kulit (flat cut-outs of painted leather puppets)

is   a   mythologicalcharacter   of   the   Javanese shadow   theatre   (wayang).   He symbolizes   the   undivided,   unity,  the divine   mystery.   He   lives   in   the   realm
of   the   ‘heart’   from   which   feelings   flow.

He   marks   a   temporary   upset   of   the   natural order   of   the   universe   by   appearing   when   the main   character,   smarting   from   the   human   condition,
calls   upon   the   divine   intervention.

He   is   a   clown,   a   cosmic   servant   who deals,   with   irreverence,   in   heroes’
and   lords’   matters   alike;   his
temperament   prevails   on their   wisdom.
Semar or Sang Hyang Ismaya, the oldest and most important of the panakawan, was originally a god, ‘the twin brother of heaven’. He is the elder brother of the highest god, Batara Guru. As a punishment for a misdeed he was given a grotesque form and sent to earth to serve the descendants of the gods (ksatrias). He is the guide of the hero on a journey full of tribulations which the hero must overcome before achieving his goal.

The name Semar comes from the word samar (vague) and, as a master of secret theology (kyai lurah), he can be called ‘mysterious’. His words are from se[ngsem] (to lure) and mar[sudi] (to search, to do) meaning that one is lured to search or do good things.

The other names of Semar are:Badranaya: badra means ‘dark cloud’; naya means ‘face’. As a clever man, one has to have a bright face (has to be happy, do not appear with dark face); Bojagati: boja (food) symbolizing knowledge, gati (real, true) meaning a true and correct knowledge, that is, a wise man always teaches a true and correct lesson.


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