Indigenous peoples in Brazil

Indigenous peoples in Brazil From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and others Indigenous peoples in Brazil Povos Indígenas no Brasil Compilation of pictures of Native Brazilians from the tribes Assurini, Tapirajé, Kaiapó, Kapirapé, Rikbaktsa and Bororo-Boe. Total population 519,000 0.4% of Brazil‘s population Regions with significant populations Predominantly in the North and Central-West Languages Traditional languages, Portuguese Religion 61.1% Roman Catholic, 19.5% Protestant, … Continue reading

Brazilian Beauty: The Threatened Atlantic Forest

Brazilian Beauty: The Threatened Atlantic Forest By Tim Hirsch, OurAmazingPlanet Contributor Forest interior It’s the most threatened rainforest in Brazil, a global biodiversity hotspot, and contains around one in 12 of all species on the planet. We must be talking about the Amazon, right? Wrong. It’s the Atlantic Forest, which used to run in a continuous … Continue reading

In Photos: Mysterious Amazonian Geoglyphs

Post 8258 In Photos: Mysterious Amazonian Geoglyphs By Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor | February 6, 2017 03:25pm ET Diamond in the Rough Credit: Diego Gurgel The Brazilian state of Acre is home to more than 450 mysterious earthworks called geoglyphs, most built sometime between 2,000 and 650 years ago. Archaeologists have found that these … Continue reading

10 Mysterious Human Populations

Post 7965 10 Mysterious Human Populations ABRAHAM RINQUIST SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 10 Mysterious Human Populations Mysterious populations challenge our notions of the world. Some remain shrouded in the shadows of time; others are enigmatic because of their isolation or unique origin stories. The more we learn, the more complex the story of man becomes. 10Population … Continue reading

Why So Blue? Tarantula’s Cool Color Is Still a Mystery

Post 7235 Why So Blue? Tarantula’s Cool Color Is Still a Mystery by Elizabeth Palermo, Associate Editor   |   December 01, 2015 01:00pm ET A greenbottle blue tarantula (C. cyaneopubescens) on a branch. Despite its name, saturated, bright green color rarely occurs in tarantulas.  Credit: Michael Kern, View full size image It’s eight-legged, furry and … Continue reading

Gallery: Wonderful Waterfalls of the World

Post 6492 Photos: Gallery: Wonderful Waterfalls of the World by Remy Melina   | Wonderful Waterfalls of the World Credit: Zorro12 | Dreamstime From the hot tropics of Hawaii to the lush forests of Thailand, we’ve rounded up the most beautiful and breathtaking photos of waterfalls from all over the world. This photo shows the low … Continue reading

‘Massacre’ of Uncontacted Tribe in Peru Revealed in New Reports

Post 5725                   Donate Button 1 ‘Massacre’ of Uncontacted Tribe in Peru Revealed in New Reports By Megan Gannon, News Editor   |   July 31, 2014 05:23pm ET When young people from an indigenous tribe in Peru made contact with a settlement in Brazil, they reported violent attacks on … Continue reading

‘Most Threatened’ Tribe Sees No Relief from Illegal Loggers

Donate Button 1 Donate Button 2 Post 4263 ‘Most Threatened’ Tribe Sees No Relief from Illegal Loggers Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer Awá mother and child, Brazil. Credit: ©Fiona Watson/Survival View full size image  A deadline to remove illegal loggers and settlers from the lands of one of the most threatened tribes on Earth … Continue reading

The Mystery of Markawasi

Donate Button 1 Donate Button 2 Post 4067 The Mystery of Markawasi   BY DR. ROBERT M. SCHOCH © 2005 “ . . . natural adapted features in a sanctified landscape.” These words (from John Michell, Confessions of a Radical Traditionalist, 2005) resonated in my mind as I explored the Markawasi Plateau. I had come to this small plateau … Continue reading


You can find more information on and access our contest on   Post 3827 Tepui From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kukenan tepui. A tepui (pron.: /ˈtɛpwi/), or tepuy (Spanish: [teˈpui]), is a table-top mountain or mesa found in the Guiana Highlands of South America, especially in Venezuela. The word tepui means “house of the gods” in the native tongue of the Pemon, the indigenous people who inhabit theGran Sabana. Tepuis tend to be … Continue reading