Take A Look Inside The Houses & Mansions of Your Favorite Celebrities

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Take A Look Inside The Houses & Mansions of Your Favorite Celebrities

By Justin Case
November 11, 2019

Christie Brinkley – $30 Million, Long Island

One of the many perks of being a blonde stunner is clearly being paid big bucks for walking the runway. And how else would Christie Brinkley even consider buying a home in Long Island if it wasn’t for the perks of her trade? Sure, the 9-bedroom home has been on and off the market with Brinkley’s asking price beginning at $30 million, but it looks like the most eccentric and lavish home to live in. Little wonder she can’t make up her mind on whether or not to give it up.

Lucy Hale – $1.7 Million, L.A.

Joining the ranks of celeb homeowners who own cool mansions in the L.A. axis is Pretty Little Liar star, Lucy Hale. When the actress isn’t gracing us with her on-screen prowess, she is likely kicking her feet up in the 2,168 square feet 4-bedroom home which is believed to cost a fortune in maintenance and in-house insurance fees. But then a $1.735-million purchase is worth every penny spent on insurance and given her recent burglarizing incident, we bet the actress understands this all too well.

Mark Harmon – Est. $9 million, Malibu

Mark Harmon is an established film and television actor who garnered popularity as a football player during his college days. He then moved on to acting and spent a major part of the 90s as a character actor. However, his career soon catapulted to a whole new level when he starred as Simon Donovan, the Secret Service agent in the political drama, The West Wing. Harmon earned an Emmy Award nomination for his role in 2002. He became more popular as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS. According to their financial lawyer, Mike and his wife, actress Pam Dawber, shelled out $9 million to lay their hands on a 19-acre estate in Malibu, California. The property stands on 4963 square feet and looks stunning with the 16th-century woodwork, seven bathrooms, five bedrooms, cherry wood floors, aside from a library and media room.

Hayden Panettiere – $2.1 Million, Nashville

Hayden Panettiere’s Nashville home is certainly the dream of anyone who ever considered filling out a mortgage application. It has rustic elements and memorabilia from her childhood, a cabin-like living room, a gorgeous, tucked-in bookcase filled with logs, and a music room for all her guitars. This $2.1-million home offers a gentle reminder of why home mortgage loans and online mortgage gain prominence. And what better way is there to get through life than by being surrounded by all personal things in a space you can call your own?

Marilyn Monroe – Est. $90,000, Brentwood, California

Does Marilyn Monroe need any introduction? We guess not. She stole the hearts of millions during her rule at the box office and could make any man go weak in his knees with her beauty and charm. She was popularly known as the “blonde bombshell” and her performance in films like Some Like It Hot, As Young as You Feel, Clash By Night, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes made many hearts skip a beat. She was far off from financial issues like refinancing or bankruptcy. Marilyn had her home in Brentwood, California and it’s said that she stayed there for a period of six months until she breathed her last in 1962. It was one of those very few things which was dear to Monroe. We have found from the property reports that the villa took her around $90,000, whereas according to other sources, the actual price was almost $10,000.

Ellen DeGeneres – $45 Million, California

According to Sotheby’s International Realty, DeGeneres and her wife are selling their house because they don’t have the time to enjoy it. Ellen DeGeneres’ Santa Barbara-area mansion is listed for $45 million. It is featured in DeGeneres’ 2015 book “Home” and is known by the name “The Villa.” The couple has had the property since 2012, and according to Sotheby’s agent Suzanne Perkins, the villa is completely modernized and has an additional sunken tennis court, pool, and an indoor-outdoor entertaining pavilion. Whoever decides to buy this breathtaking villa should have a fat bank account.

Cheryl Tiegs – Est. $12 million, Los Angeles

If you have been an avid watcher of Million Dollar Decorators, the popular TV show, you might have seen Cheryl Tiegs last season when she was busy working on her Los Angeles residence. The Balinese inspired property is located on one of the most famous streets of Bel-Air and truly looks beautiful. Among its special features, you will find a swimming pool, a guesthouse with a bath, landscaped grounds, tranquil fountains, a chef’s kitchen, a tin ceiling that’s been hand-painted, and meandering pathways. The estate was recently on sale at a price tag of $12 million dollars but was removed just as fast as it was placed. Needless to say, it has all its insurance papers in place.

Barbara Walters – Est. $10.4 Million, New York City

The well-known author, journalist, and TV personality rose to prominence with ABC Evening News, 20/20, The View, and Today. She started building her career in 1953 and eventually called it a day in 2016. She held the 34th position in the list of 50 Greatest Stars of All Time in 1996. In 2000, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award on Walters which we must say was well-deserved. Her apartment in Manhattan has been providing her with the refuge she needed from the harsh lights of her studio. Each room of the property is filled with objects that are closely associated with Barbara. The black and white motif on the sofas and the gray walls add on to the beauty of the apartment. It was quite an investment on her part, and from what we can see, it was worth every dollar!

Colin Kaepernick – San Jose, Estimated $3 Million

Colin Kaepernick made big headlines last year, and some may argue that it wasn’t for the right reasons. His public feuds with the current president have put him in a dangerous position, making him the free agent that he is today, after opting out of the San Francisco 49ers. Maybe this is the reason why he sold his stunning mansion in San Jose for nearly $3 Million. He might miss this 4-bedroom and 5.5 bathrooms estate, but at least he made some profit from his little sale.

Rob Lowe – $42 Million, Santa Barbara

Let’s not butter it up – while you’re still bothering with the hassle of your mortgage application, actor Rob Lowe and wife not only purchased a gorgeous Georgian-Style home for $42 million but spent over $6 million in renovations. The castle-like mansion earned the celebrity couple a feature in Architectural Digest with their home, incorporating both old English style qualities and modern luxuries. Provided they never find a use for divorce law firms, their gorgeous property seems like it will be in the family a long time.

Tommy Hilfiger – $27.5 Million, Florida

One look at Tommy Hilfiger’s home will have you thinking the same thing we already are – his home insurance provider must be having both a blissful time and a series of small heart attacks. The fashion designer’s home is 14,079-square-feet of colorful furniture, art pieces, and cool memorabilia. It may be fun for insurers to receive monthly payments on a $27.5-million property every month, but imagine the fate of his insurance provider if Hilfiger were to file a claim on his home or general insurance.

Taylor Swift – $17 Million, Rhode Island

It’s normal for a 27-year old, pop star, with an estimated net worth of $250 million, to own more than one house. Taylor Swift is a real worth management expert when it comes to her proprieties and money. She has invested in some prime real-estate properties which are located in some of the best areas in the US. When it comes to her favorite residence she chooses her $17-million Rhode Island “beachfront house” as her number one favorite.

Eva Mendes – $1.269 Million, California

The Hollywood Hills home Mendes purchased back in 2008 is a mid-century modern villa dubbed as “an artistic sanctuary”. The estimated price of the house is $1.269 million, and it features three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. It measures more than 1,700 square feet. Mendes, whose net worth is reportedly around $15 million, has been its proud owner since 2002 when she first bought the place for $584,000. It has an eclectic decor with custom-made areas, too.

Elton John – Est. $33 Million, Beverly Hills

Musician Elton John is a wise family man, given his decision to opt for a comfortable house in Beverly Hills. As a lover of art, Elton ensured that the walls are covered in white lacquer, the finish that provides a sleek and polished look. With children all around, special attention is paid to the corners and stone surfaces’ treatment. One vital digital print by Jeremy Blake is a beautiful add-on to the living room, aside from the vintage sconces and David LaChapelle painting. Till now, we haven’t heard of bankruptcy affecting him, so we guess the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer would soon invest in some other real estate property!

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas — Est. $6.5 Million, Beverly Hills

Hollywood’s most talked-about wedding is finally over, and the new couple has moved into the highly coveted new residential mansion right in the heart of Beverly Hills. The fact it’s spread over 4129 square feet isn’t news. In case you are curious, there are five bedrooms and four bathrooms in total, with a beautiful pool added to the property that makes their abode a luxurious one. What’s important to know is if they hired any financial planning advisor, for we know the estate amounts to be somewhere around $6.5 million. And that’s not easy to tackle, no matter how much Nick and Priyanka have accumulated over the years.

Mike Ditka – Est. $3 Million, Florida

The National Football League has kept the ex-NFL player and coach preoccupied for a fairly long time. The long term that he devoted to the NFL has produced an outcome in the form of him materializing a $3-million property in Florida. Right from the 1960s, his record has been great, for he played with the Dallas Cowboys, the Philadelphia Eagles, and also the famous Chicago Bears. With time, he has aged and sadly even suffered a heart attack very recently. Though he’s recovering, we can only hope his life insurance plan covers all the expenses.

Diane Kruger – $4.2 Million, New York

Tribeca, New York seems to be reserved for the crème de la crème of The Big Apple – those who go in desperate search of where to buy a home befitting of their pristine status. Why else would Diane Kruger own a pricey 2-bedroom loft in the popular neighborhood? That’s right, Kruger’s $4.2-million apartment holds only two bedrooms and a handful of other basic features. But, for what it is worth, homeowners may just get away with cheap home insurance plans given the high-brow area of their property. Well, low-cost insurance may be risky.

Rob Gronkowski – Estimated $2.2 Million, Boston

Even if the New England Patriots star’s home is now making headlines for all the wrong reasons, the 2,063-square-foot villa still makes for Rob Gronkowski’s ideal description of a safe haven. The $2.2-million penthouse boasts everything from a private roof deck to a subzero fridge. Furthermore, the 2-bedroom house comes with a built-in office as well as a bonus study which is perhaps where his safes were burglarized. We sure hope that he had property insurance – theft is no joking matter, and getting homeowner insurance is a must if you invest in such a gem of a property…

Chris Evans – $3.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Somewhere in the Hollywood Hills, in a 4,599 square feet home in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood lives the dreamy Chris Evans. The Captain America star won the $3.5-million home in a bidding war and spends his days enjoying the lush, secluded backyard, as well as the spacious open-concept kitchen (which he uses because he can cook). But considering he’s bi-coastal and spends half his time in Boston, close to his family and friends, we have to wonder what the culmination of home insurance for all his properties cost.

Rebel Wilson –   $2.95 Million, New York

Nothing says, ‘celebrity’ like a 443 Greenwich address, and Aussie comic actress Rebel Wilson seems to have caught the bug, Her $2.95-million 2-bedroom apartment in New York City is the perfect emblem for her celebrity status. The 1,343-square-foot property is the actress’ perfect escape – and besides its many amenities, she also gets access to exclusive building services which, by the way, must have shot her insurance rates up by a fortune. But with a salary like hers, who’s complaining?

Justin Timberlake – $18.5 Million, New York City

Rebel might be comfortable with a smaller space, but Justin Timberlake is a family man with much bigger needs. So when he and Jessica Biel began looking to buy a home, their choice was a $20-million 443 Greenwich apartment to complement Timberlake’s lavish 2,598-square-foot SoHo Mews penthouse which he purchased in 2010. The $6.5-million apartment is a bachelor-esque beauty, but the singer and his wife have recently put it on the market with a staggering $18.5-million price tag.

Jerry Seinfeld – $32 Million, Hamptons

If you are a legend in entertainment, then buying a home with a mansion description similar to that of the presidential villa would not be too far-fetched. Jerry Seinfeld’s $32-million opulent Hamptons home meets and surpasses all the expectations. Dubbed the ‘party house’ by Ok Magazine and acquaintances of the Seinfeld’s, the 12-acre home is the idyllic villa with features and amenities that would otherwise be considered far too luxurious for daily living. Seinfeld certainly broke the bank on this one.

Kim & Kanye West – $17 Million, Bel Air

Move over Will Smith – there is new royalty in the little town of Bel-air, or at least there was, but Kim and Kanye West have proven to be quite the restless pair with regard to buying a home. Barely five years after making an $11- million purchase in the high-brow neighborhood, the power-couple flipped the property for a staggering $17 million. Now, who says Kim K has no talent? What do you call entrepreneurship again?

Tony Shalhoub — Upper West Side, $3.9 Million

American actor Tony Shalhoub and wife Brooke Adams have been married for a long time. Their lovely Los Angeles house went up for sale in the market in 2016 for $3.9 million. The beautiful four-bedroom house has been their home so far, but it is safe to assume that with his credit score soaring high, Shalhoub must have found an even better house now. Also, since they have adopted two kids, they probably needed a bigger place. Pretty soon, he bought a lovely house in Upper West Side, New York that cost them $4 million!

Marshawn Lynch – Estimated $3.3 Million, Richmond

There’s nothing like returning to a lavish water-front home after a hectic day on the field – and when Marshawn Lynch was deciding where to a buy a home, he couldn’t think of a better alternative to this 7,000-square-foot, 5-bedroom home. After all, it’s complete with a dock measuring up to 58 feet and overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Add an all-encompassing home and auto insurance into the mix and you have the perfect escape for just about anyone.

Bella Thorne – $2 Million, L.A.

Bella Thorne may be nowhere near on-screen best friend and co-star, Zendaya, with regard to celeb status, but the actress/dancer is making waves by herself nonetheless. Thorne’s $2-million Sherman Oaks mansion boasts features such as an outdoor barbecue area, pool, wine room, and a spa, in addition to its six bedrooms and baths and a few other deluxe amenities that emphasize the actress’ celeb status. At the end of the day, if you’re big, you’re big.

Naomi Campbell – Estimated $390 Million, Turkey

While other celebrities scramble to purchase cool mansions, Naomi Campbell is handed one by her billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. On her 41st birthday, Doronin gifted his model beau an eye-shaped vacation home in the heart of Turkey estimated to cost $390 million. While we admit that it was a sweet gesture, we can’t help but be slightly mortified at its cost in maintenance and insurance. Insuring a house with 25 rooms? Well, that should be fun!

Lorde – Estimated $2.8 Million, Auckland, New Zealand

In the light of her commercial success, Ella Yelich-O’Connor aka Lorde may have decided on buying a home outside her home country – or anywhere in the world for that matter. But the New-Zealand native took the purchase home, deciding to buy a 4-bedroom property in Auckland for $2.84 million. Given the size of the 182-square-foot home, however, we can’t help but wonder if the singer doesn’t buy into this generation’s idea of splurging on cool mansions – she could definitely use a little more space.

Carson Palmer – $24.9 Million, Del Mar

Another athlete with a penchant for buying cool mansions only to flip them over is the Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback, Carson Palmer. Case in point: Palma’s $24.9-million 8,000-square-foot mansion which he purchased in 2010 at $4.4 million. He opted to renovate it to turn it into a palatial three-story mansion with six bedrooms, an infinity pool, and a wet bar. It sounds like a sportsman’s dream come true.


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