Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

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Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

 Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you’ll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

A Last Defense:

Treetop-dwelling ants have an explosive defensive move.

[Full Story: Exploding Ants Kill Foes, and Themselves, with a Blast of Toxic Goo]

Living on the EDGE:

No, that’s not hair. This endangered turtle’s mohawk is made of algae.

[Full Story: Punk-Rock Turtle Has ‘Green Hair,’ Will Probably Die Alone]

An Inside Look

Stunning new microscope images reveal human cancer cells slinking through blood cells and show molecules coursing through a zebrafish embryo’s tiny ear canal.

[Full Story: Scientists Built A New Microscope To Watch Cells, And The Footage is Breathtaking ]

Yellowstone Hotspot:

But researchers are now closer than ever to understanding how magma got into the hot bowels of the supervolcano where it lies today.

[Full Story: The Weird Pit of Magma Beneath Yellowstone Is Still a Mystery]

Built-In Self-Defense:

If you invite the deadly, armored stonefish to a party, know this: It’s going to bring not one, but two “switchblades” with it.

[Full Story: This Creepy Fish Packs ‘Switchblades’ in Its Face and Could Kill You with Its Venom]

Dancing in the Deep:

An unidentified species of squid recently performed an unusual “twisted” ballet.

[Full Story: This Contorted Mystery Squid May Be the ‘Most Bizarre’ Ever Seen]

Freaky Finned Babe:

An epic GIF shows the slithering specter of a shark embryo within. And apparently, Jaws Jr. is none too pleased about the bright light shining into its home.

[Full Story: Sharks Lay Eggs. Here’s Some Creepy Footage of What That Looks Like.]

Fire-Driven Storms:

Wildfires can fuel “dirty” thunderstorms that fill the stratosphere with as much smoke as a volcanic eruption.

[Full Story: These ‘Dirty’ Thunderstorms Fill the Sky with As Much Smoke As a Volcanic Eruption]

Strange and Dangerous Goings-On:

What’s the story behind a mysterious gathering of octopus mothers?

[Full Story: Hundreds of Purple Octopus Moms Are Super Weird, and They’re Doomed]

Lost in the Deep:

Just over a century after the polar explorer’s Endurance sank, another scientific expedition will search of the wreck.

[Full Story: Polar Explorer Shackleton’s Lost Ship Could Be Hidden Under Antarctic Ice]

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