Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

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Amazing Images: The Best Science Photos of the Week

 Each week we find the most interesting and informative articles we can and along the way we uncover amazing and cool images. Here you’ll discover 10 incredible photos and the stories behind them.

Falling Iguanas:

It’s snowing iguanas in Florida. The good news is they probably aren’t dead.

[Full Story: Watch for Falling Iguanas! Bomb Cyclone Drops Frozen Lizards]

Tooooo Cold:

The “bomb cyclone,” with its whipping winds and foot-plus snowdrifts, has passed. So what gives?

[Full Story: Brrrr! Why It’s So $#%*! Cold]

Losing Oxygen:

Oxygen is draining from the oceans, and oxygen-depleted “dead zones” are on the rise.

[Full Story: The Ocean Is Suffocating, and It’s Our Fault]

Icy Waves:

There’s one upside to the frigid weather: gorgeous slushy waves.

[Full Story: Surf’s Frozen? Slurpee Waves Spotted on Nantucket Beach]

Earth Under Seige:

As a powerful bomb cyclone winter storm curls across the U.S. East Coast this morning (Jan. 4), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) GOES-East satellite is snapping stunning images of the Earth’s surface.

[Full Story: ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Swirls Across US East Coast in a Stunning View of Earth]

Snow in Florida:

It may not be much – just 0.1 inches (0.25 centimeters) – but it’s the first measurable snowfall Tallahassee, Florida, has seen in 28 years.

[Full Story: Flaky Weather: Why Tallahassee Got Its 1st Measurable Snow in Decades]

Beauty on a Butt:

Behold the tiny, luminous badonkadonk that could further the field of optics.

[Full Story: ‘Nature’s Smallest Rainbow’ Found on Australian Spider’s Butt]

Effects of a Bomb:

An intense “bomb cyclone” is battering the U.S. East Coast today (Jan. 4), with high winds and intense snowfall forecast for the mid-Atlantic and northeastern states. See the latest views from NASA and NOAA here.

[Full Story: See the ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Hit US East Coast in These NASA and NOAA Gifs]

Overcoming a Disease:

For the past four years, a mysterious syndrome has been killing millions of sea stars along the West Coast, turning the five-armed critters into piles of goo. But now, the sea stars appear to be making a comeback, according to news reports.

[Full Story: Sea Stars Make a Comeback After Mysterious ‘Goo’ Disease Killed Millions]

Mapping the World:

Google Earth is an amazing trove of visuals from all over the planet, and new strange things turn up in it all the time. Here are the best from 2017.

[Full Story: 6 Strange Sites Spotted on Google Earth in 2017]

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