The Battle of Mosul

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The Battle of Mosul

Iraqi government declared the city of Mosul liberated on July 9th, after a nine-month offensive to retake the city. Since October, the forces in Mosul have faced the toughest fighting in the 3-year war against the Islamic State fighters in Iraq. Entire neighborhoods have been destroyed and Amnesty International called the battle a ‘‘civilian catastrophe,’’ with more than 5,800 civilians killed in the western part of the city. The gruelling battle displaced nearly 900,000 from their homes. Sporadic fighting continues in the Old City, signaling the presence of militants still in the area.

Iraqi families, who were displaced by the ongoing operation by Iraqi forces against jihadists of the Islamic State group to retake the city of Mosul, are seen gathering on an area near Qayyarah on October 24, 2016. (BULENT KILIC/AFP/

A Peshmerga convoy drives toward the frontline in Khazer, about 30 kilometers (19 miles) east of Mosul, Iraq on Oct. 17, 2016. (Bram Janssen/ Associated Press)
Iraqi army soldiers raise their weapons in celebration on the outskirts of Mosul, Iraq on Oct, 20, 2016. The Iraqi forces prepared for nearly three years to rebuild their military to have enough troops and clear enough supply lines to launch an attack on Mosul. (Associated Press)
An Iraqi special forces soldier looks at a part of Mosul controlled by Islamic State fighters in Iraq, Nov.15, 2016. (GORAN TOMASEVIC/Reuters)
Iraqi security officers place a suspected Islamic State group member into the back of a waiting pickup truck, in east Mosul on Feb. 21. A secretive Iraqi intelligence unit is leading the hunt for IS sleeper cells in liberated Mosul. (John Beck/Associated Press)
Residents carry the bodies of several people killed during fights between Iraq security forces and Islamic State on the western side of Mosul, Iraq on March 24. The levels of destruction are dramatically different between Mosul’s east and west. Many of the east’s residential neighborhoods suffered relatively little damage. In the west, however, entire city blocks are damaged or destroyed by months of airstrikes and artillery. (Felipe Dana/Associated Press)
Federal Police Rapid Response Forces fire a rocket towards Islamic State positions near the Old City, in Mosul, Iraq, March 20. (Felipe Dana/ Associated Press)
A woman holds her daughters as gunshots are heard in a neighborhood recently liberated by Iraqi security forces in western Mosul, Iraq on March 14. (Felipe Dana/Associated Press)
An injured man is carried atop an Iraqi special forces armored vehicle during fighting against Islamic State militants in western Mosul, Iraq on March 14. (Felipe Dana/Associated Press)
A boy rides his bike past destroyed cars and houses in a neighborhood recently liberated by Iraqi security forces, on the western side of Mosul, Iraq, March 19. (Felipe Dana/Associated Press)

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