This product going wild on the internet. The effect? Genius

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This product going wild on the internet. The effect? Genius

Every driver knows it – the windscreen wipers are getting greasy again. That can get quite annoying …

Buying new ones is often expensive, the change over mostly complicated. The two inventors Adnan Alibegovic and Mario Kronberg wanted to change that.

ECOCUT pro Gründer

They got to the bottom of it and figured out that it is not the whole wiper rubber that gets worn out – rather only the front-most part that is always rubbing against the windscreen. The finest breaks and micro-fissures cause stripes and streaks.

The edge of windscreen wipers wears out through abrasion.

After three years of development, the inventors have actually done it! They developed a product with Prof. Goos Cognito Design (University of Pforzheim), making it possible to renew smudging windscreen wipers. The worn out rubber part is cut off with precision!

Ecocut - Der geniale Schreibenwischer Schneider

After the cut, the wiper edges are strong again and the window is free of stripes 😉

left worn-out – right trimmed

The pair of inventors have of course patented the trimming technology internationally – online sales are running at full capacity!

Their explosive idea is spreading across the internet like wildfire and customers are happy with the results:

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