Animal expressions

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Animal expressions

A look at the interesting faces of all kinds of creatures and different forms of communication among the species.–By Leanne Burden Seidel
Almost two-year-old baby orangutan Dalai looks on in the zoo in Dresden, Germany, March 30. Dalai was born to mother Daisy in June 2015. (FILIP SINGER/EPA)
The 14-week-old polar bear winks at the zoo Hellabrunn in Munich, Germany on Feb. 24. (GUENTER SCHIFFMANN/AFP/Getty Images)
A lamb jumps around while frolicking in a pasture at Scandia Creek Farm in Poulsbo, Wash., on March 8. Vehicle traffic on Scandia Road often comes to a complete stop with those passing by taking a moment to watch the antics of the lambs, which are a sure sign of spring. (Meegan Reid/Kitsap Sun via AP)
Orangutan keeper Devi Sumantri (L) holds Vena, a seven-month-old baby orangutan at the Air Hitam Besar village. Villagers on the Indonesian part of jungle-clad Borneo island often keep the critically endangered apes as pets even though the practice is illegal. (ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)
A dophin during the Autism Speaks Light It Up Blue event at Brookfield Zoo on April 2, Brookfield, Illinois. (Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)
Cows frolick around as they enter a meadow of a farm in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, The Netherlands, March 20. The cows were released back to the open range after spending the winter indoors. (OLAF KRAAK/EPA)
Amarok, a wolf of the species ‘canis lupus’ in the Santa Fe Zoological Park in Medellin, Colombia, April 6.. The wolf was found in the Colombian municipality of La Estrella (northwest) and will be transferred in the next few days to a sanctuary in the United States, where he will continue his recovery process and will be intoduced into the wild. Amarok will join a pack at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, in Denver, a center dedicated to the rescue of this species. (LUIS EDUARDO NORIEGA A./EPA)
A Siamang swings on ropes at the Pittsburgh Zoo in Pittsburgh, March 28. (Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press)
A white lion cub yawns on the back of the mother ‘ Kiara’ in their enclosure in the zoo in Magdeburg, Germany. Four white lion cubs were born in the zoo on Dec. 25, 2016. (Peter Gercke/dpa via AP)
Whooper swans fight for food at Lake Tysslingen, near Orebro, Sweden, March 20. Hundreds of migrating swans descended these days on the lake on their journey north to breed. (JANERIK HENRIKSSON/EPA)
Malaysian tiger cubs play in a nursery at the Cincinnati Zoo Botanical Gardens, March 29, in Cincinnati. Three cubs were born on Feb. 3 to 3-year-old Cinta, a first-time mother, in the zoo’s captive breeding program who rejected her offspring prompting zookeepers to intervene. (John Minchillo/Associated Press)
A young Chinese crocodile lizard sits on the hand of an employee of the Dresden Zoo. in Dresden, eastern Germany, March 30. (Sebastian Kahnert/dpa via AP)
Viatu, a gorilla at the Frankfurt zoo, Germany, appears to be eyeing the photographer while at the gorilla enclosure, March, 22. (ARMANDO BABANI/EPA)
A baby Nile hippopotamus born prematurely , and named Fiona rests her chin on the rim of a tub in her enclosure at the zoo in Cincinnati on March 23. The zoo says the hippo, which weighed 29 pounds at birth and is the first Nile hippo born at the zoo in 75 years, is getting more independent and now tops 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms), meaning her days of napping on her human caretakers’ laps are dwindling. (Angela Hatke/Cincinnati Zoo Botanical Garden via AP)
A Weimaraner is judged on the third day of Crufts Dog Show at the NEC Arena on March 11, in Birmingham, England. First held in 1891, Crufts is said to be the largest show of its kind in the world, the annual four-day event, features thousands of dogs. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Visitors look at a walrus (Odobenus rosmarus) on March 6, in a zoo Hamburg. (AXEL HEIMKEN/AFP/Getty Images)
A ‘Scottish Fold’ cat presented during a cat exhibition in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, March 19. Cats breeders and owners from Kyrgyzstan gathered in Bishkek to present their feline pets. (IGOR KOVALENKO/EPA)
George Lewys, age 5, poses with two Forest Giant Owl butterflies (Caligo eurilochus) that sat on slices of oranges at the Natural History Museum on March 30, in London, England. (Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
Lupita, a Cotton-top tamarin baby is carried by her mother at Franklin Park Zoo on March 3. These small primates can be found in the understory and canopy of the tropical forest in northwestern Colombia. (David L. Ryan/Globe Staff)
A Sloth bear cub (Melursus ursinus) in Berlin, Germany, Feb. 24. The bear cub was born Christmas Eve. (FREDERIC SCHWEIZER/ZOO BERLIN/EPA)
Dogs at the Crufts Dog Show at the NEC Arena on March 10 in Birmingham, England. (Top row L-R) Freddie, a two-year-old French bulldog dog, Danny, a 3-year-old Japanese Chin dog, Prince, a 18-month-old Coton de Tulear dog, Nancy, a 18-month-old Lowchen or Little Lion Dog bitch, (Middle row L-R) Louis, a two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier dog, Bentley, a three-year-old Bolognese dog, Mork, a 9-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog, Jackson, a 2-year-old Toy poodle dog, (Bottom row L-R) Oki, a Japanese Shiba Inu dog, Lamby, a 18-month-old Chihuahua bitch, Abfab, a two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, and Agnes, a Pug bitch, (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
A green iguana sits at the zoo of San Salvador, El Salvador, March 3. (OSCAR RIVERA/EPA)
Orangutan mother Raja sits with her cub in their compound at the zoo in Leipzig, eastern Germany, April 3. The baby orangutan was born on March 25. (Jan Woitas/dpa via AP)
A baby pygmy hippo (R) in the water with her mother ‘Kambiri’ at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Zoo-goers in Australia were introduced to a rare baby pygmy hippo, the first of its kind born at Taronga Zoo in seven years. (PAUL FAHY/AFP/Getty Images)
Almost two years old male baby orang-utan Dalai rests to his mother Daisy in the zoo in Dresden, Germany, March 30. (FILIP SINGER/EPA)
A brown bear reacts to a quadrocopter drone launched by a visitor in a shelter for bears rescued from circuses and private restaurants of Ukraine, near Zhytomyr on March 24. (SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images)
A 12-day old impala calf stands with its mother (2-R) and fellow impalas in their enclosure in Veszprem Zoo in Veszprem, Hungary, March 22. (Boglarka Bodnar/EPA)
A squirrel climbs a tree on March 14 in a park in Cologne. (HENNING KAISER/AFP/Getty Images)
Elderly Egyptian man, Naguib, and a stray dog and cat look out from the window of his burnt-out room where he lives along with stray dogs and cats at in Cairo, Egypt, March 11. (MOHAMED HOSSAM/EPA)
Lemurs play inside their enclosure at Tbilisi Zoo, in Tbilisi, Georgia, April 4. (ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE/EPA)
A pigeon eats a piece of bread in Moscow on April 6. (KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images)
A toad tries to escape a bucket of voluntary frog rescuers near a main road near Hont, Budapest, Hungary, March 11. (Peter Komka/EPA)
Siberian tigers, who were donated by Riga Zoo in Latvia, rest in Tbilisi Zoo, Georgia on April 3. (Shakh Aivazov/Associated Press)
A healer feeds a cheetah cub born on Feb. 1, at the Safari Beekse Bergen, in Hilvarenbeek, on Feb. 21. (REMKO DE WAAL/AFP/Getty Images)
A gray goose (Anser anser) gives one of its chicks a bite to stop it from moving away from the group as the goose family swims in the nature reserve Wagbachniederung near Karlsruhe, Germany, April 6. (RONALD WITTEK/EPA)
A newborn male elephant-calf (C) walks with its mother and another herd member as it appears in their enclosure in the Cologne Zoo, in Cologne, Germany, March 20. The elephant baby was born the night before. (FRIEDEMANN VOGEL/EPA)
The club emblem peacock spreads his feathers as a female walks by near the fourth tee during the third round of the HSBC Women’s Champions at Sentosa Golf Club on March 4 in Singapore. (Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
An abandoned bear stands in its cage before receiving treatment from members of the international animal welfare charity “Four Paws” at the Mumtaz al-Nour zoo in eastern Mosul on Feb. 21. (SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

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