Neat visualization shows which country has the most nukes over history

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Neat visualization shows which country has the most nukes over history



This visualization by drwtsn breaks down the nuclear arms race starting from the 1940s until now. The countries shown are the countries who have historically had the most nuclear weapons: the US, Russia, the UK, France and China (a few other countries have nukes too but are not represented).

You can see the arms race explode in the 1960’s with the US taking an early lead and then hit into an even higher gear during the Cold War when the former USSR caught up and surpassed the US. I wished the visualization was able to show the specific number of nuclear warheads each country had throughout the years but we just have to eyeball it. For reference, the number stood at about 5,000 for Russia (down from 21,000 in 2000) and 4,000 for the US (down from 10,577) back in 2009. So there were a ton of warheads in the 80’s.

Stunning map visualization shows every nuclear detonation since 1945

The nuclear bomb, that devastatingly powerful world killer of a weapon, has been around for 70 years. The first nuclear bomb—Trinity—was detonated in a test in New Mexico in 1945, a month later the US Army dropped nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the world was never the same. Here’s an interesting visualization that shows every nuclear bomb that’s been detonated on our planet.

The color red means atmospheric, yellow is underwater and blue is underground. Put together by Orbital Mechanics, the visualization also details the date, location and strength of each nuclear detonation. It is haunting.

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