Deadly attacks in Brussels

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Deadly attacks in Brussels

Deadly attacks in Brussels, Belgium

People leave the scene of explosions at Zaventem airport near Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2016. (REUTERS/Francois Lenoir)

Multiple explosions at two different sites in Brussels — the airport and a subway station — have put the Belgian city on its highest terror alert level.

At least one of the attacks was likely the result of a suicide bomber, the Belgian federal prosecutor reported. He classified the attacks as the work of terrorists.

There were two explosions in the departure hall of the city’s Zaventem international airport, according to Prime Minister Charles Michel. There was also an explosion on the rail tracks at the Maelbeek subway station, according to a spokeswoman for Brussels transportation department.

At least 28 people were killed in the attacks, according to Belgian officials; 15 people were killed at the explosion in the subway station and an addition 13 people died at the dual explosions at the city’s airport.

Belgian transportation officials also confirmed that an additional 55 others were injured at the subway blast, including 10 people in critical condition.

There has been no official report of the injury or death count at the airport. (GMA)

At least 34 people are feared dead after a series of explosions in Brussels this morning this morning.

Blasts at the Zaventem airport occurred shortly before 8am this morning, local time.

This was the scene a short while ago, between the Arts-Lois and Maelbeek metro stations in Brussels.

Belgian public broadcaster VRT raised the death toll from Tuesday’s twin attacks in Brussels to 34, with 20 people killed in the blast on a metro train and 14 in explosions at the airport.

It has been confirmed that one explosion was a suicide attack, according to the federal prosecutor.

Emergency services carry an injured person down the street

An injured woman at Brussels Airport after the explosions on Tuesday morning David Crunelle

Emergency workers help a woman at the site of the explosion at a metro station (Picture: AP)

Two women wounded in Brussels Airport in Brussels, Belgium, after explosions were heard Tuesday

By Margi Murphy & Jeremy Culley

Brussels airport

CHAOS: Passengers ran from the departures hall after two large explosions rocked the terminal

Shots were fired and Arabic shouted before two large blasts at Nevantem Airport, Brussels.Less than two hours later a third blast was heard at 

At least 136 people have been injured. Downing Street confirmed that one Briton has been wounded in Brussels.

A major Nuclear plant has now been evacuated — the second largest in Belgium. A bomb squad has swooped on the University of Brussels to investigate a suspect package.

ISIS has since claimed the attacks — and officials have confirmed the airport blasts were caused by suicide bombers.Police found a Kalashnikov rifle next to a dead attacker and an unexploded suicide belt at the airport.

One supporter of the sick death cult said on Twitter: “The state will force you to reevaluate your ways a thousand times before you are emboldened to kill Muslims again, and know that Muslims now have a state to defend them.”

Belgian prime minister Charles Michel said: “What we feared has happened. We were hit by blind attacks.”

Belgian police have reacted swiftly to the attacks,.Smoke could be seen billowing through the sky as hundreds ran for their lives from the airport terminal covered in blood and dust.

Witnesses reported victims legs shattering as the bloody horror unfolded, one .

At least 14 people died in the twin blasts at Brussels airport, and 20 have been killed and 55 injured at the Metro stations.

Ten of those hurt in the Metro blasts are critically injured. The death tolls are expected to rise.

The attacks come a day after Belgium warned of revenge attacks after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam who was caught alive following in a shootout on Saturday.Abdeslam became Europe’s most wanted man after helping to orchestrate the  — killing 130.

It is believed he had been in hiding in Brussels since November 15 last year. Experts fear his associates may have been .

On potential Brit victims, Mr Johnson said: “It looks as though there may be one UK casualty, as I’m sure you are aware, though the details of that are very sketchy.

“The most important thing to get across is we know of no reason to think that there is any read across from what’s happened in Brussels to events here in this city.

“We have no intelligence to suggest there is any immediate threat, but as a precaution and for the purposes of reassurance, there has been a stepping up of the presence of police at major airports.”

Map of the scenes of the explosions

ATTACKS: The scene of the copycat attacks in Brussels, Belgium

The city of Brussels is on lockdown and the airport has been evacuated.

Prime Minister David Cameron has pledged support for Belgium in wake of the tragedies.

He wrote on Twitter: “I am shocked and concerned by the events in Brussels. We will do everything we can to help.”

He said the countries of Europe need to “stand together against these appalling terrorists and make sure they can never win”,

Mr Cameron added there was, as yet, no “hard information” about British casualties.

Airports increase security after Brussels attacks

Vladimir Isachenkov and Vanessa Gera, Associated Press,Associated Press 9 minutes ago


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