Photos Gallery : Tour d’Java

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Mannaismaya Tour Guide  served 4 tourists from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

from Thrusday 31st of May to 3rd of June 2012… to Bromo Mountain of East Java, Borobudur of Central Java  and return to Surabaya East Java.

Here are some Pictures of the Tour :


G. Batok on the Front, Bromo Crater on the left, and far beyond is Semeru Mountain with from the left :  San Cia Vin, Ong Khai Lin, Au Yeong Woon Chong and Li Li King (Nicol Lee)

Cloudy and Windy on the Bromo Plateau, of course so cold……

Ready to count the stairs up…. how many ????



Warung At Penanjakan Hill with Deden on the left,  the driver of 4 wheel drive Jeep we rented.

From Bromo Mountain stop by at Tree House of The Pines at Pandaan – Pasuruan and we go to Magelang Central Java after lunch at Cianjur Restaurant Pandaan  to Borobudur Temple.


(Yudhi Setiawan/Yappy’s Eldest Son with the Umbrela – from Mannaismaya Tour Operator)

(Yappy on the center as Tour Operator)

(From The Left San Ciau Vin, Au Yeong Woon Chong, Yudhi from Manna Ismaya Tour Guide ,  Nicol Lee, and Ong Khai Lin

Hi …..want to  join us?????

At Manohara Hotel – Borobudur area, Manohara means The Beautiful Princess as the Statue behind us.

Borobudur you are so Amazing…… I am so happy……..

Yeaaach ……. Borobudur here I come………

Horeee……. Horeeee ……..  My dream comes true…. to see you and to touch you Borobudur……….

Be quiet please, …. I am in Meditation……..

(From the Left Ong Khai Lin, Au Yeong Woon Chong and Nicol Lee)

From the left : San Ciau Vin, Nicol Lee and Ong Khai Lin

Yappy leads the way back to Manohara Hotel

At Manohara Hotel Restaurant during Lunch time  : Busy writes Postcards for Moms & Dads at Home (KL)



Push …….. Push …….. Push…. Ooooo so heavy………….

Return to KL


5 thoughts on “Photos Gallery : Tour d’Java

  1. Hi Mr. Y4ppy,

    Thank you very much for your commitment on this tour with us…Hope you won’t feel that we’re too demanding or too crazy on our action.

    Although the trip is short we all do enjoy the trip with your son and you and the living experience that you shared with us which I still can remember …”Always be special of whatever things you do”…

    Thanks Mr. Y4ppy…Looking forward to other trips with you in future.


    1. To My dear friend Au Yeong Woon Chong : Wow surprised me received your Note and really make me happy.
      Seem like we still on the tour.
      No problem at all, I was enjoyed too.

      Irf you want to share more photos, I will be glad to post it, (not to much on Prambanan)

      Someday maybe you have to try the Tandem Paragliding, so exciting….. (Looking forward too)

      What happened with the post cards I posted to KL as you all requested ?

      Wishing you always the best and also say hello to San Ciau Vin, Nicol Lee, and Ong Khai Lin


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