Future Floating Village in China

Future Floating Village in China, Sandu’ao. Located in China’s Fujian Province, just 30 kilometers from downtown Ningde City, Sandu’ao is one of just few settlements built on water. It’s basically a huge self-sustaining floating village, where inhabitants need not set foot on dry land to ensure their survival. Making use of homemade and purchased boats, they make their living fishing and ocean farming. believe it or not Sandu’ao has its own floating postal service, convenience store, police station and even a series of restaurants.

After being devastated by aerial bombardments, during the Japanese invasion of World War 2, Sandu’ao went through a decade of rebuilding and development and is now China’s largest cultivation base of yellow croakers and various other seafood, including shellfish, shrimp and giant prawns. The sea farming is carried out in tens of thousands of cages and fishing nets that seen from a distance make a memorable sight many call “plantation on the sea”.

Just like most Chinese villages, Sandu’ao features modest houses made of wood, the only difference is they are built on sturdy pontoons made of bamboo and wood, wired to plastic barrels and pieces of PVC, to ensure buoyancy. Because in which it’s placed is completely cut off from the open sea, no waves threaten the peace of Sandu’ao and the pontoons simply sway gracefully on the calm waters. This floating village concept in Sandu’ao could be a great project, well i wonder when this project will be finished. i can’t wait to visit this Future Water World.

An important source of seafood for the entire country, Sanu’ao is also becoming an increasingly popular tourist.

Luxury Yacht of Johny Depp Named Vajoliroja

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Luxury Yacht of Johny Depp Named Vajoliroja

Luxury Yacht of Johny Depp – The pirate of carribean actor Johny Depp owns a luxury yacht named vajoliroja, Beside owning a private island on Little Halls Pond Cay,Bahamas Johny also owns a luxury yacht. Well i wonder how much money that he spend to buy this luxurious yacht and the private island of Johny Depp?

This is Vajoliroja. Johny Depp’s Luxury Yacht. It’s named for the first letters of the names of his family (longtime girlfriend Vanessa, Johnny, daughter Lily Rose and son Jack). Vajoliroja was built in 2001 in Turkey. It’s 156 ft (47.6 m) long, has 2 Caterpillar 480 hp engines. Yaht’s max speed is 14 knots. There are 5.5m Ranieri Soverato tender with 115hp engine, 4.9m Nautica tender with 60hp engine, 2 x kayaks (double & single), 2 x windsurfers, waterskis, wakeboard & tows, and snorkelling gear.

Here’s the picture of Johny Depp’s Vajoliroja. do you want to cruising with this yacht with Johny depp??