Banjar Tribe of South Kalimantan


Negeri Sambang Lihum

Almost original citizen of South Kalimantan is Banjar tribe which is consist of sub tribe, it is Maayan, Lawangan and Bukiat and also has interference with Malay, Java and Bugis tribe. The main identity which is shown is Banjar language as a general medium. New comer citizen is like Java, Malay, Madura and Bugis has come to South Kalimantan for a long time. Malay tribe comes since Sriwijaya Kingdom or as the trader who is staying there. Java tribe come in Majapahit Kingdom even before and Bugis people come and build Pagatan Kingdom in the past.

Maayan tribe, Lawangan, Bukit and Ngaju is influenced by Malay culture and Java. It is joined by Budhas’ Kingdom, Hindu and the last is Islam or From Banjar Kingdom, so it makes the Banjar tribe which speaks in Banjar language. Banjar kingdom in 16 and 17 century has a relation with Sultanate of Demak and Mataram. This Kingdom was not slipped away from strange country like Holland and England which is alternately come from Banjar’s anchorage.When there were a fight to Holland in 29 century, there are leader is like Sultan Hidayat and Prince Antasari dace Holland.

Tradition people of South Kalimantan especially Banjar tribe know a lot of tradition ceremony which is about human life, from the time that human is in uterus until the death. For example: there are prohibition for pregnant woman tradition, Babalas Bidan ceremony when the baby born is 40 days old and also give the name. Marriage ceremony which is consisting of some part, Sajaka Babasasulus is looking for the candidate wife data, Badatang is asking for the hand parents. Bantar Patalian is to give a set of goods or bride price, Qur’an and the top ceremony is Batatai bride or sit in stage, Last is Pemakanan Pengantin, Both of bride and groom go though the honeymoon for 7 days and 7 nights to eat and drink behind the close screen.

In Banjar people, they have developed the literature art and beautiful voice art which come from daily association. One of them is tease each other, sometimes they use poem and Pantun and ones, it is humor between the young generations. This tease in a long time had been changing to become a beautiful literature art until today. For example is aphorism.

Fine art, Banjar tribe knows about the beautiful embroidery and usually use as the equipment of ceremony carved art. In the building of house or mosque; they have carved object which is made by wood, also in equipment industry from brass, it is like place for Betel Vine, Cuspidor, Bokor, Kapit, Abun and soon. Cane work from Pandanus or rattan, generally doing by women to fill up their free time is increased in other territory.

To building art especially for house building, the Banjar people has had the high value of architecture, traditional house is like grand stand house with the highly roof. If you see from side of the house, it is like pyramid. This grand stand houses id different with other because we can know from social class of the owner. A long time ago that house is devided into some high people of group; it is like nobility, the leader of Muslim and trader. They have high Bebungan house which is known as Gajah Baliku, Palimasan Palimbangan, Gajak Manyusu, Balai Laki house and Balai bini house. In the other hand common house are Cacak Burung houses, Tadah Alas house, Gudang house or common cottage. Generally, the houses for common people have cross cubic shape or long cubic.


Traditional Architecture of Banjar People (South Kalimantan)

(Thanks to Ari)

Mar 4, ’08 3:07 AM
by Ari for everyone

The black color on the Banjarese house in both South Kalimantan and Banjarmasin’s coat of arms represent the high culture of Banjar people. As a Banjarese, it’s my duty to appreciate and promote our own heritage. So from now on I will try to write about our culture.

For the first article I choose to do an overview of Traditional Architecture of Banjar people, the reason is because I’ve written parts of the article about this specific matter in Wikipedia, so it’s easier for me. These types of houses could still be found in South Kalimantan, but unfortunately they are in a bad shape to say the least. Such a shame, because their existence resonates the glory of our past.

Not only we should preserve it for the sake of our heritage, but because this type of houses was built with great consideration and expertise. Traditional dwellings in Indonesia have developed to respond to natural environmental conditions, particularly Indonesia’s hot and wet monsoonal climate. Banjarese traditional vernacular homes are built on stilts. A raised floor serves a number of purposes: it allows breeze to moderate the hot tropical temperatures; it elevates the dwelling above stormwater runoff and mud; allows houses to be built on rivers and wetland margins; keeps people, goods and food from dampness and moisture; lifts living quarters above malaria-carrying mosquitos; and the house is much less affected by dry rot and termites. “Modern” houses which most Banjarese prefer nowadays don’t have that kind of sensibility.

Bubungan Tinggi:

Among the 4 Kalimantan provinces in Indonesia, South Kalimantan is the only one that depicts our traditional house in our province’s coat of arm. The house in those particular coat of arms is the one named as “Bubungan Tinggi”, the style of “kraton” (royal palace) with its signature 45ºsteep roof. In the days of our kingdom, this was the type of house that a royalty would live in (although in time this type of house were also built by commoners). The house is built with the philosophy of harmony between the upper world and the under world.

In time, Bubungan Tinggi became the symbol of Banjar culture that represents both palace and vernacular traditions. But there are other types of traditional house in Banjarese community other than Bubungan Tinggi. Fortunately, not many Banjarese know these types of house, but it’s already explained in old Banjarese poem:
Bubungan tinggi wadah raja-raja,
Palimasan wadah emas perak,
Balai laki wadah penggawa mantri,
balai bini wadah putri gusti-gusti,
Gajah manyusu wadah nanang-nanangan, raja-raja atau gusti nanang

Gajah Baliku: this particular style of house was intended for the closest relatives of the ruler.

Gajah Manyusu: the type of house of the nobles or “pagustian”, the ones who bore the title of “gusti”.

Balai Laki: the type of house for high officials such as the ministers.

Balai Bini: they type of house for the ladies of the court, such as women of nobility and nannies of the court.

Palimbangan: the type of house for high clerics and big merchants.

Palimasan (Rumah Gajah): this type of house was where gold, silver and other precious belongings kept.

Anjung Surung (Cacak Burung): This is the type of house of commoners. The shape of this house if seen from above is the shape of a cross(+), that is why it is also known as RumahCacak Burung

Anjung Surung (Cacak Burung): This is the type of house of commoners. The shape of this house if seen from above is the shape of a cross(+), that is why it is also known as RumahCacak Burung.
Rumah Lanting: raft house which floats

Tadah Alas: A development of the Balai Bini style.

Joglo Gudang: This type of house has the roof that is similar to Joglo (Javanese-style house),hence the name. While the name “Gudang” (which means “storehouse”) was given because the lower part of the house is usually used to store things. This feature makes this type of house is the preferred style of the Chinese-ethnicity who live in South Kalimantan.

Bangun Gudang: a type of traditional house in South Kalimantan.



Francisco Domingo Joaquim Man with the Widest Mouth

Francisco Domingo Joaquim Man with the Widest Mouth

Posted: 31 Oct 2010 07:27 PM PDT

Do you know Francisco Domingo Joaquim? this man fromangola breaks the records for the world’s widest mouth on the new Guinness Book of Records 2011. his mouth is 6.69 inches wide and can fit in a Coca-Cola can sideways. can you imagine how wide is his mouth? The 20-year-old from Sambizanga in Angola has the unusual ability to fit an entire 330ml can of soda in his mouth, sideways.
Joaquim, also known as “Chiquinho”, recently appeared on an Italian TV show where he amazed crowds by placing and removing a can of coke from his mouth 14 times in under a minute.

Known as “The Jaw of Awe”, Francisco is said to have shot to fame after showing off his ‘talent’ at local markets and football games.

The new record holder says it’s a “dream come true” to be featured in the new Guinness World Records 2011 book.

Here’s several photos of Fransisco Domino Joaquim the Records holder for the World’s Widest Mouth







Bizarre and Unusual Corsets Design

Bizarre and Unusual Corsets Design

Posted: 28 Oct 2010 05:11 AM PDT

Corsets were tremendously popular in Victorian times (during the 1800s), when they were often strengthened with pieces of whalebone. Corsets smidgen the waist, and if worn for a long time they can everlastingly change the shape of the waistline, and nowdays corset turns into a unique fashion style for woman, mostly for lingerie fashion. Previously we have posted about Cathy Jung the Woman with the smallest waist in the world which is also known as the corset addicts and now how about if we introduced you to this bizarre and unusual corsets design, Check it out.

Heavy Metal Corset

Everything old is new again. Maya Hansen’s heavy metal themed corsets are a far cry from the straight-laced undergarments of the Victorian era. Featuring ‘Kiss’, ‘Slayer’, ‘Misfits’, ‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Metallica’, these corsets are definitely not your grandmother’s underwear

Beer Tab Corset

For the next time you’re at Oktoberfest, the beer tab corset. It combines a lot of cool things: recycling, cute accessories, historical clothing and beer
Plastic Corset

This amazing corset is from Issey Miyakes 1980 Autumn/Winter collection, it is moulded from red plastic

Super Mario Corset

Apparently somebody out there with a serious Mario fetish has decided to create a corset using his likeness. Overed with rare 1980s Super Mario Brothers fabric, this oddity was created by TheVintageDoctor. Complete with a lace-up back with metal grommets, Mario will help you keep your waistline in check in case you gobble down too many 1UP mushrooms.

Piercing Corset

One of the newest trends in body modification comes in the form of corset piercings. They are a series of surface piercings arranged up the back in two vertical columns. The piercing is located in the spot where the eyelets would be if one was wearing a corset. It is a symmetrical piercing with an equal number of holes on each side. As few as four holes can be used (two on each side) up to as many as the expanse of skin will allow. Check more about this on Extreme Corset Piercing,

Star Wars Corset

The Dark Side has never looked so sexy! It’s a Darth Vader corset. Besides the fantastic Star Wars Lord Vader mask print which looks to be from Revenge of the Sith, it has an alternating flames print fabric and it topped with a pair of polka dot ribbon bows (to show the softer side of the Force). A Star Wars corset with flames…wow

Darth Vader & Storm Trooper Corsets

California based costume and corset maker Evening Arwen has released a pair of fancy unlicensed corsets based on the costumes of Darth Vader ($600) and the Imperial Storm Troopers ($500). “No Galactic Ruler should been seen with a purse so we’ve provided you with storage compartments in your utility belt, suitable for holding the keys to your starship and your communication device. Only a swishy cape can make a grand entrance really grand so we’ve also attached one to the matching shrug. And to finish things off, we’ve also provided a pair of gauntlets that can fit over most regular sized dress gloves.

Corset T-Shirt

This design is inspired by all the girls that got their back pierced so they could pull a ribbon through. It looks sexy, so does this t-shirt, but it’s a lot less painful. The ribbon is nice and purple and it stands out in a crowd, even around pierced people

Clock Corset

Be the center of attention at the next costume party you attend in this one of a kind ensemble created especially for the Norwescon 32 Fannish Fetish Fashion Show. Inspired by Pretty Alice from Harlan Ellison’s classic story “‘Repent Harlequin!’ said the Ticktockman,” the corset is made of three layers of fabric: a cotton coutil inner-lining for stability, a layer of micro corduroy for texture, and two-tone rust colored taffeta that has been torn in many places to allow the natural beauty of the bleach-distressed micro corduroy peek through.

The center of this corset is a sight to behold- A WORKING CLOCK adorns this piece surrounded by gears and elegant black pleated trim that also finishes the hem along with two small antiqued brass chain loops for decoration. The center front extends down to the knees, accentuated by a gigantic rusting tractor gear mounted on taffeta

LED Corset

This outfit consists of a silver corset top with diagonal quilting detail. A grid of red, blue, green, and gold LEDs is embedded in the corset, and designed to fade and flash in a variety of patterns to suit your mood.

Star Trek Corset

What’s more sexy than this Star Trek Corset ($200), from Etsy seller EveningArwen? It can be made in any of the Star Trek colors

Half Bust Corset

This Antiseptic Fashion’s Hypsipyle leather corset ($600) is smoldering hot and only covers one breast for the adventurous, wow

Ceramic Corsetss

Nicole Moan makes ceramic corsets that are much more comfortable than you would imagine

Via : Oddee and Another Internet Source


Giant Piranha Caught in Congo Rivers

Giant Piranha Caught in Congo Rivers

Posted: 27 Oct 2010 04:46 AM PDT

This Piranha caught by Jeremy Wade’s was known as one of thebiggest piranha caught ever, with 5feet long and 100lbs weighing, this predator fish was looks very scary, here’s the story of Jeremy Wade who has caught this rare piranha species in congo rivers, Jeremy Wade was known as a famous fisherman fromAnimal Planet’s River Monsters.

While he was on a fishing expedition with his crew in Africa, up theCongo River, the British angler made an amazing and rarely catch : he grappled with a giant piranha and managed to defeat the monster after a serious fight.

The result was astonishing as the 52-year-old fisherman pulled out of water a 5ft longgoliath tigerfish and held it with both arms for fear of being bitten by its 32 razor-sharp teeth that have the same dimensions as those of a white shark. The goliath tigerfish is well known as being one of the most dangerous freshwater fish in the world, so Wade said he was extremely cautious when he pulled it out of water.

The 100lbs monster hasn’t been caught more than a few times before because of its ferocity and its habitat, which is very hard to reach. The giant piranha seems to consume prey the same size at itself and there have been cases when others have seen it tearing apart crocodiles or even people. Check out more of the Giant Sea Monster here. and the story of Steve Wozniak a man who catch 1000 different fish species.

Here’s the terrifying Giant Piranha that was caught by Jeremy Wade’s on Congo Rivers.



Most Unique and Unusual Wedding Themes

Most Unique and Unusual Wedding Themes

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 05:46 AM PDT

Need a Unique and Unusual Wedding theme for your wedding ceremony? need a fresh idea to celebrate your most beautiful days? here’s some of the most unique and unusual wedding themes ever. check it out, some of this wedding themes was previously posted on our blogs.

1. Naked Wedding Theme

Ellie Barton and Phil Hendicott decided to spend their wedding in their birthday suits. The pair of exhibitionist Aussies exchanged vows in front of 250 guests wearing nothing more than their wedding rings – and a bouquet of strategically-placed roses. Mrs. Ellie Hendicott wore a white, painted on “dress.” The only thing she really wore besides the bouquet was a long white wedding veil. Phil Hendicott wore nothing but a black top hat to cover his manhood. The wedding ceremony was conducted in the morning, live on FM radio to hundreds of thousands of Australians

2. Bungee Jumping Wedding Theme

Jeroen and Sandra Kippers of Brussels, Belgium, were lifted on a platform by crane up 160 feet in the air for their wedding ceremony. They were joined by the officiant and about 20 guests. Another platform held the musicians. After the vows, they made it official by bungee-jumping over the side! The company behind the nutty nuptials – Marriage In The Sky – have been inundated with requests from couples desperate to fling themselves off the end of the aisle.

But the ultimate thrill-seekers’ wedding doesn’t have to end there – once the wedding party have all been lowered back to earth, guests can head skywards again – for a floating reception. Wedding guests are wowed with a three-course wedding breakfast – all while strapped in to the dining chairs. The cost for such a spectacular ceremony? Around £25,000., Check this Bizarre Bungee Jumping Wedding Themes for another picture of this unique wedding theme.

3. Bride with the Longest Dress

The bride from Guangzhou, China, set the world’s longest bridal train record at 219 yards. The Chinese bride accented her gown with a train that was over 600 ft long and weighed over 220 lbs. Xie Qiyun had this photos taken in front of a hotel in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province on her special day. According to Guinness, the longest wedding dress train measured 1362 m [4468 ft 5.94 in] and was created by Andreas Evstratiou in Paphos, Cyprus, in February 2007

4. Wedding on T.J Maxx

Who doesn’t get excited about the prospect of bagging a bargain? Bride Lisa Satayut decided to combine that feeling with her excitement over bagging her beau. Explaining that T.J. Maxx is her “happy place,” Satayut married Drew Ellis in the size 8 shoe aisle of a T.J. Maxx store in Mt. Pleasant, Mich. The bride — a self-proclaimed “’Maxxinista” — wore a strapless white chiffon gown, with long black gloves and bright green gladiator-style sandals. A widened aisle, vine-covered arch and white chairs with red bows highlighted the traditional ceremony that included string music, display-dodging cameramen — and curious shoppers who stopped bargain hunting long enough to watch.

5.        99,999 Roses Wedding Theme

Groom Xiao Wang spent a year’s salary on buying 99,999 red roses for his bride, Xiao Liu, for their wedding conducted in Chongqing, central China, where the number 999 is considered to be a good luck omen. The couple, both 24 years old, needed 30 cars to take the flowers to the service. They advertised on the internet for car owners and for helpers to stick the flowers on the vehicles. The flowers themselves were flown in from the other side of the country. ‘I remembered that Liu loved these special roses and the idea just grew and grew. It was worth it all just to see the look on her face when she saw the cars,’ said groom Wang. Liu who met Wang while they were at University together added, ‘I mentioned a year ago I would like a romantic wedding; I can’t believe he remembered, but it was amazing.’ The groom also donated 20% of the cost of the roses to charity to get even more good luck.

6. Married with Dead Boyfriend.

A heartbroken mother decided to “marry” her murdered fiancé in a hospital morgue. Irish father-of-two Kevin Lavelle, 29, was viciously battered with an iron bar in a gruesome gang attack while working away from home to raise money for his wedding to fiancée Michelle Thomas. The caring dad was attacked by nine louts and beaten to death as he returned to his lodgings in Banbury, Oxfordshire. But even death could not keep him and Michelle apart.

Despite her unbearable pain, Michelle organised a “wedding” in the morgue of Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital, where Kevin lay dead. The touching ceremony – witnessed by close family and friends – was conducted by the hospital’s Catholic priest who administered the last rites to Kevin. In front of an open coffin, the priest blessed the wedding rings that Michelle had bought specially for the service. Their two children, James, now five, and Megan, now four, went to their daddy’s funeral wearing the clothes they would have worn to their parents’ wedding. The priest asked Michelle if she would have taken Kevin to be her “lawful wedded husband” and she replied “I do.” Kevin’s dad Paddy placed a ring on Michelle’s finger and a ring was placed on Kevin’s finger as he lay in the coffin. See another unique wedding when a girls married her dead boyfriend after he dies for six years.

7. Shark Tank Wedding Theme

April Pignataro and Michael Curry of New York City got married in June 2010. The bride wore a white wetsuit and the groom wore a traditional black wetsuit as they climbed inside a 120,000 gallon shark tank to take their vows at Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, N.Y. Both are experienced divers and were protected by a cage as sand sharks, nurse sharks, eels and a giant grouper circled around. They wore scuba gear and mikes that broadcasted their words to each other, as well as to friends and family. They said their “I dos” over a radio transmitter with an officiant who did not get in the tank.

8. Nascar Daytona 500 Wedding Theme

You don’t have to be Dale Earnhardt Jr. to find love in the fast lane. Last Valentine’s Day, 31 NASCAR-loving couples said “I do” at the Daytona International Speedway; thousands of fans, friends, and family looked on from the stands. The pair, Bryan Willey and Stacee Kennedy, even exchanged rings NASCAR-style: with tattoos. The track also offers nongroup wedding packages that include two race passes, a bottle of champagne, a notary public, and the option to hold your reception in a room overlooking the famous track.

9. Most Bridesmaids Wedding

Did you know that there’s a Guinness World Record for the most bridesmaids in a wedding? One bride from Proctorville, Ohio, broke the record with more than 100 bridesmaids at her June 11, 2010 wedding. Jill Stapleton, who owns Jill’s Tumble World, a dance school, asked her students — all 110 of them — to be her bridesmaids and walk down the aisle at her wedding. The bride asked each girl to choose her own dress for the wedding in either purple or teal, the school’s colors. In lieu of bridesmaid bouquets, each bridesmaid carried a single rose. The previous record for the most bridesmaids in a wedding was 90

10. Bicycling Wedding Theme

A couple of bicycle lovers decided to tie the knot in a very unusual but healthy way: by riding bicycles all over the city, accompanied of course by their cyclist guests

11. Mini Marathon Wedding Theme

These snaps from January 2007 show grooms carrying their brides during a mini marathon celebrating the New Year in China’s Hainan province. See More stories aboutMini Marathon Wedding Theme.

12. Zero Gravitation Wedding Theme

A couple flew like Superman and floated upside down to say their wedding vows on Saturday, as Zero Gravity Corporation hosted the world’s first-ever weightless wedding. Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan were married on June 20 among family and friends who were all on board ZERO-G’s G-FORCE One, a specially modified Boeing 727

13. Body Modification Wedding Theme

Love or marriage are not about simple physical beauty and appearances, everybody’s free to do what he/she wants with his/her body so I just have to wish them a happy life… but I still don’t understand this passion of body modifications like tattoos, piercings and implants… – this guy has them all. look how this guy using an implants in his forehead to make it looks like a horn. not only that, but he also tattooed his inner lips, More Pictures of Body Modification Fans Wedding..

14. Gothic Wedding Theme

And these photos of a goth couple getting married in Russia did the trick. I’m sure they’re both nice people and I wish them a very happy marriage, but they scare the crap out of me. I mean she’s practically bald and makes Morticia look like a total babe, and he…Well, he looks like an elf on crack,More pictures of Gothic Wedding Theme

15. Superhero Wedding Theme

We’ll go to attending the wedding ceremony of superman and wonderwoman oh yeah please don’t forget to wear your superhero costume. such as spiderman, batman or whatever you want. More stories and Pictures about Superheroes Wedding Themes.

16. Star Wars Wedding Theme

the bride and groom use star wars costume on their wedding ceremony so here is the star wars marriage event.

17. Vampire Wedding Theme

Till Death do us Wedding, This Centipede King and Scorpion Queen uses the real centipede and Scorpions as their face ornaments. really scary wedding theme.

Well actually there’s many more unique wedding themes that you can choose for your wedding ceremony.




Giant landslide under residential street in Schmalkalden, central Germany

Giant landslide under residential street (98 by 131 feet )   or 30 by 40 metres, Monday, Nov. 1, 2010,in Schmalkalden, central Germany:                                       (From Reuters )

In this aerial photo, a giant landslide under ...

In this aerial photo, a giant landslide under a residential street          which claimed a car and left another car hanging over the edge                  is seen in Schmalkalden, central Germany, Monday, Nov. 1, 2010.       The cause of the landslide is yet unclear unclear. Residents were evacuated from 23 buildings. Nobody was injured.

«An aerial view shows a giant landslide under ...

An aerial view shows a giant landslide under a residential                      street taking a car with it and leaving another car hanging                      over the edge in Schmalkalden, central

In this aerial photo, a giant landslide under ...

In this aerial photo, a giant landslide under a residential street                   is seen in Schmalkalden, central Germany, Monday, Nov. 1, 2010.

An aerial view shows a giant landslide under ...

An aerial view shows a giant landslide under ...

An aerial view shows a landslide under a residential ...

A general view of a large crater that appeared ...

A general view of a large crater that appeared in the early hours in         the central German town of Schmalkalden, November 1, 2010.                   A huge crater measuring 30 by 40 metres has opened up  in the middle of a residential estate, according to local police.

A crater is pictured in the middle of a housing ...

A still image taken from Reuters video shows ...

A large crater is pictured in the middle of a ...

A view of a large crater that appeared in the ...

A still image from Reuters video shows a crater ...

A still image taken from Reuters video shows ...

A top view of a large crater that appeared in ...

I think someday also  will be happened in Lapindo Mud Sidoarjo Indonesia…….. When… ?????????

Jobs That Aren’t Going Away

Jobs That Aren’t Going Away

Careers in community bedrocks like schools, hospitals, and law firms are here to stay.

By Yahoo! Education Staff

Everyone’s heard about outsourcing and job cuts. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that while the economy is changing and employment patterns are evolving, there are some bedrock institutions – and jobs – that aren’t going away.

Just take a look around and you’ll see examples of jobs that are here to stay, at least in some capacity. Almost every community, big or small, has a medical office, a law firm, a school, a police department, a drugstore and other “bedrocks” that provide employment.

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Check out these seven jobs that will stick around the neighborhood – and how you can qualify…

Career #1 – Police Officer

From patrolling the streets to running security for parades to apprehending criminals, police officers provide a valuable service that no community – big or small – can do without. [Search for Criminal Justice degree programs]

Job Forecast: The U.S. Department of Labor anticipates employment of police officers to grow 10 percent from 2008 to 2018 (about as fast as the average for all occupations). And, as the Department of Labor notes, police officers who lose their jobs due to budget cuts usually have very little trouble finding jobs with other agencies.

Training: If you’re thinking about becoming a police officer, look into earning a criminal justice degree to help you on your way.

Pay: Police officers have an average annual salary of $51,410. Differences in salary largely depend on location. The highest ten percent average at more than $79,680.

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Career #2 – Paralegal

In this world of contracts and litigation, lawyers are essential to local businesses and individuals – and paralegals, who help lawyers prepare for trials and prepare legal arguments, are essential to lawyers.

Job Forecast: The Department of Labor expects a 28 percent growth rate for these jobs between 2008 and 2018. They also anticipate the need for more paralegals as intellectual property, health care, elder issues, and environmental law become increasingly important to our communities.

Training: If you’re interested in pursuing a paralegal career, check out associate’s degree programs in paralegal studies. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, consider earning a paralegal certificate.

Pay: Paralegal salaries can vary. Working for a large law firm or in a big city, for example, will typically pay more. The average annual salary for paralegals is around $46,120, though the top ten percent can earn more than $73,450. In addition to a salary, many paralegals receive bonuses.

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Career #3 – Accountant

Whether you live in a big city or small town, there’s probably an accounting firm that many neighborhood businesses use. And it’s no surprise – accountants do a lot more than just prepare taxes. Local businesses rely on them for everything from bookkeeping to helping plan growth strategies.

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Job Forecast: Accountants are important advisors and team members for our local business communities, and as the number of businesses increase, so will the number of jobs for accountants. The Department of Labor estimates employment of accountants will grow by 22 percent between 2008 and 2018.

Training: If you want to become an accountant, consider earning your bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. You can advance your career by earning your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification.

Pay: Accountants have an average annual salary of $59,430, with top earners averaging at more than $102,380 per year. Accountants who provide services for private businesses typically earn more than accountants who work for state or local governments.

[Search for online and local Accounting schools now]

Career #4 – Health Care Administrator

Health care administrators help improve the quality of health care; control costs; interface with insurance companies; and oversee patient record security. At first glance it might not be clear why these jobs are essential to every community, but as the health care industry expands we will need administrators to help keep hospitals and physician’s offices running smoothly.

Job Forecast: The Department of Labor predicts that employment of medical and health services managers will grow 16 percent from 2008 to 2018.

Training: A bachelor’s degree in health care administration should prepare you for an entry-level position in a smaller facility or department. For larger facilities, consider a master’s degree in health services administration.

Pay: Health care administrators have an average annual salary of $80,240. Higher salaries tend to be found in hospital settings.

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Career #5 – Pharmacy Technician

People rely on their local pharmacy for their prescription needs. Pharmacy technicians help ensure that those pharmacies run smoothly and efficiently. With health care changes, more people will have prescription drug coverage, which will put a greater demand on local pharmacies – and as a result, increase the need for pharmacy technicians.

Job Forecast: This is another career with much higher than average employment growth anticipated. The Department of Labor expects employment of pharmacy technicians to grow 25 percent from 2008 to 2018 according to the Department of Labor. That’s 96,300 new jobs!

Training: Pharmacy associate’s degrees or certificate programs are a good way to go if you’re interested in a career as a pharmacy technician.

Pay: Pharmacy technicians earn $13.32 per hour on average, though the highest 10 percent can earn more than $18.98. Keep in mind that certified technicians may earn more than non-certified technicians.

[Search for local Pharmacy schools now]

Career #6 – Registered Nurse (RN)

People need to physically visit their health care providers – or have their health care providers come to them – in order to get the care they need, which makes nurses essential to local communities.

Job Forecast: Many employers are currently reporting difficulty in hiring enough RNs to handle their current workload, and more jobs will become available as the numbers of our elderly continue to grow. According to the Department of Labor, employment of registered nurses is expected to grow by 22 percent from 2008 to 2018.

Training: To become a registered nurse, you’ll need a bachelor’s of science degree in nursing (BSN), an associate degree in nursing (ADN), or a diploma from an approved nursing program. You’ll also need to complete a national licensing examination in order to obtain a nursing license.

Pay: Registered nurses have an average annual salary of $62,450. Nurses working in hospitals generally have higher salaries than those employed in nursing care facilities. The top ten percent of registered nurses average at about $92,240 per year.

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Career #7 – Teacher

Whether your town’s population is 500 or 5,000, every community needs schools and teachers. Teachers provide an essential service that cannot be outsourced. And while times may be tough in education right now, the kids aren’t going anywhere.

Job Forecast: The Department of Labor expects employment of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers to grow by 13 percent between 2008 and 2018. There is an even higher demand for teachers who specialize in mathematics, science, and bilingual education.

Training: If you’re ready to start your career as a teacher, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree from a teacher education program. If you want to be a secondary school teacher, major in the subject you plan to teach and take a program of study in teacher preparation.

Pay: The average annual salary of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers ranges from $47,100 to $51,180. According to the American Federation of Teachers, beginning teachers with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $33,227. Getting a master’s degree or national certification can also get you a raise in pay.

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Unless otherwise noted, all salary information is from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2008.