Weird Chocolate Fashion Show

By Tabi  on January 28, 2010

At the 2010 Paris Salon du Chocolate in Shanghai, China, chefs and clothing designers teamed up to create high-calorie couture. The show, now in its 15th year, has been held in New York, Tokyo and Moscow. This year marks the first time the show has been held in Shanghai. Most of the couture barely survives one wearing.  On the Salon du Chocolate Shanghai show, it seems that even the breath is full of heavy chocolate fragrance. At the show everyone experiences the wonderful flavors of all kinds of chocolate brands.  Lets check out some incredible pictures from that show.


Indonesian Philately

Centenary of Muhammadiyah (above)

Muhammadiyah Organization (Persyarikatan Muhammadiyah) was founded by KH Ahmad Dahlan in Kuman Village, Yogyakarta on 8 November 1912 H/18 Dzulhijah 1330. Muhammadiyah was established to support the efforts of KH. Ahmad Dahlan in purifying the Islamic teachings that were considered to be heavily influenced by mystical things. At first, the acivity also had a base of da’wah (missionary endeavor) for women and young people in form of recitation of Sidratul Muntaha. Muhammadiyah also had a role in education by establishing primary and secondary schools, known by Hooge School Muhammadiyah ( nowadays, known as Madrasah Mu’alimin for men, located in Patangpuluhan, wirobrajan sub district and Mu’allimaat for female, in Suronatan Yogyakarta.

During the leadership of Ahmad Dahlan (1912-1923), Muhammadiyah had limited influence, it was around Yogyakarta. In 1925, Abdul Karim Amrullah brought Muhammadiyah to the West Sumatra by founding a branch in Sungai batang, Agam.

Within a relatively short time, the current wave of Muhammadiyah had spread throughout West Sumatra, and started from this area, Muhammadiyah was spreading out to all over Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan. In 1938, Muhammadiyah had been spreading out to all over Indonesia.

The main objective of Muhammadiyah is to restore all of the deviations in the process of da’wah. These deviations often cause mishmash between Islamic with the habits in certain regions for the adaptions reason.

Muhammadiyah movement is charaterized by the spirit of building up more advanced and educated social order and public education. Muhammadiyah is not only representing Islam as a personal and static religion, but also as a dynamic religion and a system of human life in all aspects. It also shows a tendency to do such an extreme action.

Over a century persyarikatan Muhammadiyah has been led by 14 Chairman, namely: KH. Ahmad Dahlan (1912-1923), KH Ibrahim (1923-1932), KH Hisham (1932-1936); KH mas Mansyur (1936-1942); Ki Bagoes Hadikusumo (1942-1953); Buya AR Sutan Mansur (1953-1959); HM Yunus Anis (1959-1962); KH Ahmad Badawi (1962-1968); KH Faqih Usman (1968-1971); KH AR Fahruddin (1971-1990); KHA Azhar Basyir (1990-1995); Amien Rais (1995-2000); Syafiii Ma’arif (2000-2005); Din Syamsudin (2005-until now).

Stamps Issue Series 05 Juni 2010

Environmental Care

In 2010,UNESCO has handed over the sertificate of Batik, Wayang and Keris as intangible of Cultural Herritage of the world to Indonesian government. As the country that its heritage included into world intangible culture, Indonesia is bounded by the obligation to conserve the culture and it is our duty to participate in conserving the cultural heritage by learning them.

Wayang (puppetshow) is an Indonesian traditional art that developed particularly in Java and Bali islands. The powerful influence of Hindu and that time influenced many wayang stories that absorbed from Indian Hinduism tradition. There is a version of Wayang played by man wearing costumes known as Wayang orang, the other version is a number of puppets played by a puppeteer. There are two kinds of Wayang played by puppeteer, i.e. leather puppet and marionette. The story narrated in puppet show ussually from Mahabarata and Ramayana. Wayang in Indonesia has been known since about 11th centuries.

The book of Kakawin Arjuna Wiwaha by Mpu kanwa (1030) which lived at Dharmawangsa Airlangga administration (year 1009-1042) in Kadiri Kingdom, gave the explanations, that at that periode, the leather puppet show had been known for ritual necessity. At 15th centuries, Islam started to develop, puppet show was used as a media to spread Islam by presenting story of Panji and story of Menak (Islamic stories).

Stamps Issue Series

6 February 2010


According to Chinese history, Chinese astrology was introduced on year 2637 BC on the period of Huang Ti Emperor, The first cycle of Chinese calendar starts on his 61st administration. Different to West astrology that determines the astrology based on planets rotation to wards the Sun, Chinese astrology determines the astrology based on moon rotation. One year  period statrs on the end of January until the middle of February and the assignation of the initial year depends on the date of the new moon fall, The cycle of Chinese calendar in one period is 60 years which is combination between Heavenly Branches (          ) and Earthly Branches (      ). There are 10 kinds of Heavenly Branches that are clarified by five elements: woods, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each element rotates in 2 years and bring positive characters (Yang) and negative character (Ying) by turns. Earthly Branches represent 12-animal cycles Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

TheYear of 2010, according to Chinese calendar, is the positive metal of Year of The Tiger and the upcoming new years will be fallen on February 14, 2010 or Year of 2561 based on Chinese calendar.

Based on Chinese traditional believe, The positive metal of The Tiger zodiac signs of power, bravery, courage, and freedom. People that are affected by the zodiac are classified as active, competitive, hard worker, no hesitation in achieving their goals. The thing is, they have too strong desire in things in the same time, so that, they frequentlymiss their targets, Even so, the Tiger people are optimistics, efficient, wide perspective people and they are always ready for the new challenges.

The issuance of Year of The Tiger zodiac stamp series is to commemor are the Chinese New Year 0f 2561 which will be issued on February 6, 2010 and it is the third series of the issuances planning of 12 Chinese Zodiac special stamp.

Stamps Issue Series

18 December 2009


Al Markaz Mosque, Makassar

The biggest and grandiose mosque in Southeast Asia, Al Markaz Al Islami Mosque is the pride of Makassar resident. Its beautiful architecture is influenced by Masjidil Haram in Mecca as well as Masjid Nabawi in Medina. Ir. Achmad Nu’man, the designer, also adds architecture elements of Katangka Mosque in Gowa as well as Bugis-Makassar traditional house. Initiated by General M.Jusuf, the building started on 8 May 1994 and finished on 12 January 1996. Located at Mesjid Raya Street Makassar City, this three floor building looks lovely with a green  color nuance. Beside its main functions as praying place, this mosque serves as an education center of Islam. Al Markaz Mosque is dedicated to become one of centers of Islam study and development is eastern part of Indonesia.

Stamps Issue Series

28 October 2009


Singa Ambara Raja statue is the landmark of Singapore city, at the northern part of Bali. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park” is a recreational spot with splendid cultural highlights of the grandeur of Indonesia in Jakarta. Merlion, an imaginary creature with appearance head of lion and body of fish is a famous icon of Singapore. Sentosa, literally means peace and tranquility, is a very popular island resort in Singapore.


17 August 2009

Indonesian Postage Stamps 1986 (above)

Sampul Hari Pertama/ First Day Cover

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Souvenir Sheet

First Day Cover

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Prangko Makanan

SHP Makanan



Prangko Borobudur

SS Borobudur

SHP Borobudur

Prangko Presiden SBY

Prangko Banten

Prangko Presiden SBY

Prangko Banten

Prangko Banten

Prangko Banten

Prangko Banten

Prangko Banten

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