Mount Merbabu Trekking – Central Java



Merbabu is a dormantn stratovolcano in Central Java province on the Indonesia

Loosely translated, Gunung Merbabu could mean ‘Mountain of Ash’ from the Indonesian word babu. The active volcano Mount Merapi is directly adjacent on its south-east side, while the city of Salatiga is located on its northern foothills. A 1,500m high broad saddle lies between Merbabu and Merapi, the site of the village of Selo and highly fertile farming land.

There are two peaks; Syarif (3,119 m) and Kenteng Songo (3,145 m). Three U-shaped radial valleys extend from the Kenteng Songo summit in northwesterly, northeastly and southeastly directions.

 Mount Merbabu Trekking

Duration: Two Days & One Night.
Grade:Easy Trekking
Fitness Level:Good Fitness
Pax:2 / 4 Person/s joining in one group
Period Of Operation:April/October

Pick up in afternoon for driving one and half hours to Ndakan, the last village on slope of Mt.Merbabu. Here our trek began after stopping by in local trakker’s basecamp on the slope of Mt.Merbabu.Then continue the trip by trekking up for 5 – 7 hours to Syarif Peak, the highest peak of Mt.Merbabu. Take break on mid trek way up at 2500 alt before reaching the the highest peak.

Set up tent on Peak for overnight and waiting for close up view of Merapi’s sunset from here. In early morning, before sunrise, weak you up and a bowl of warm water plus small towel are waiting for you refreshment out there. Enjoy fresh mountain environment while drinking a cup of warm tea or coffee or ginger and waiting for amazing sunrise from here, the top of Mt.Merbabu. Ascend 1 hour right after breakfast. This trekking trip is the best choice for viewing the close up view of Merapi plus sunset and sunrise, also can be alternative when Merapi is very active and unrecommended for trekking up peak.(D/B)

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