The Wackiest Motorcycle Design Ever

The Wackiest Motorcycle Design Ever

Posted: 21 Aug 2010 12:23 AM PDT

Whether you love to do a bike modification or not, this list of the top 10 wackiest motorcycle design could be an interesting post for you. in this list we could find the wackiest and the most idiotic motorcycle and bike design. I’m sure that this Alligator Bikes design should be listed on this wackiest bike design. And this Cool Motocopter too.

The first of all we have a Skeleton Bikes. this motorcycle design was suitable for those Gothic Fans.

2. Guitar Motorcycle Design – If you’re a guitarist on a band so you’ll love it

3. Tri Cycle Bike Design – Perfect for those who can’t drive a bike

4. Ultra Big Motorbike

5. Hamburger Motorbike

6. Motorbike with so many lights

7. The Real Monster Motorcycle

8. V Dubycle

9. Beer Sidecar

10. 5th Wheel RV


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