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Fly International and Tours is a customer oriented first class business establishment specialised in catering for your travel,tourism, freight, and other travel related problems. We are a group of professionals committed in satisfying all our clients demands.We deliver the best of our services on a very timely basis and at affordable rates. We represent all airlines in Cameroon, our special partnership with Kenya Airways is an added advantage. Do not hesistate to contact us to let us know your problems, so that we can give you an optimum solution.We have your confidence, and together let’s move a head.


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 A) Prepared tours: These are tour programs prepared by our agency for clients to choose. They range from one week to three week tour types and are designed to meet the different expectations for the clients.

 Detailed Agenda and destination:

 Day 1: Douala – Foumban: (Date to Decided)

From Douala you shall cross various attractive scenery and different activities carried out by different people at different locations.  You will be able to interact with individuals who carryout business in many different ways especially food stuff business at the Melong highway market.  You will equally get through the Melong-Dchang hilly road which has a lot of meandering and so good for site seeing.  You can be able to stop from time to time as you ascend the hill of Ndchang to view some settlements down the valley. This journey of about 3 hrs take us to Ndchang town where you can spend another 2 to 3 hrs to go round the town  so as to visit some of the sites that have the history of Cameroon as from when Cameroon was under German trusteeship.  This area equally has a good climate you will like to enjoy.  We will continue to the land of Foumban late in the evening where we shall spend the night at Hotel Baba.

Day 2: Foumban – Bamenda (Date to be decided)
We are at Foumban where we will find Cameroon’s pronounced craft work.  We can be able to visit the Sultan who is the hed of Bamoun.  The Sultan’s palace which opens daily contains an interesting museum where you can get the history of that land since ancient times.  This will take us to about 2 pm.  From then we shall take off to Bamenda, one of the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon, North West Region.  This will be two hours drive as we shall arrive Bamenda and pass the night at Mondial Hotel. Read day three

 B) Arranged tours: These are tour programs designed based on the expectations of the clients. The duration and cost of the tour will vary much depending on what the client wants.

 2) ACCOMMODATION:  Example: Photo categories of hotels and their cost ranges.

 Hotel category Price ranges

   5 Star                           80.000frs   – 150.000frs

  4 Stars                           50.000frs  –  80.000frs

  3 Stars                           30.000frs  –  50.000frs

  2 Stars                           15.000frs  –  30.000frs

  1 Star                            10.000frs   –  15.000frs

 A brief description of all the categories of hotels. E.g. All hotels have restaurants, bars, kitchens, of their respective standards. We equally have good accessibilities to all hotels and safety is guaranteed. All five star and four star hotels are provided with very good night clubs with all facilities.

 3) TRANSPORTATION:  Generally, transportation in Cameroon is done by roads and rail. But railways cover just a small part of Cameroon. Presently, we only have local flights between Yaounde and Douala. All other movements are done by road transport. All cities are linked with good tarred roads which equally extend to almost all major towns of the territory. Transportation is effective with all types of transport buses and cars depending on the nature of the roads. The Cameroon government has reinforced road safety through the Ministry of Transport. It is confirmed that travel is always assured on 24 hours daily.

 4) CLIMATE: Climate change over different seasons of the year and over different areas of the national territory.