Kasongan Handicraft – Kasongan

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Kasongan Handicraft- Gerabah


Kasongan is a popular tourist destination in the district Bantul,Yogyakarta Special Region which is famous for handicrafts gerabahnya. This place is exactly located in the area Kajen hamlets, villagesBangunjiwo, District Poor, BantulYogyakarta Special Region, (~ S 7.846567 ° – E 110.344468 °) about 6 km fromPlazaYogyakarta North to South direction.

Kasongan originally a land of paddies in the south of the village’s population Yogyakarta. On The period of Dutch colonization in Indonesia, in areas paddies belonging to one of these people found a dead horse. HorseInvestigation is expected to belong to the Dutch. Because the time period of Dutch colonization, then those residents who own land and immediately release the fear that their land rights and no longer acknowledged. Fear is also common on other residents in the surrounding fields which have finally managed to unleash their land rights. Since the number of free land, then the other villagers immediately recognized the land. Residents who have no land is then switched professions to become a craftsman ceramicswhich initially only mengempal-ngempal land that is not broken when put together. Actually the land is only used for children’s toys and kitchen utensils. However, due diligence and traditions from generation to generation, Kasongan eventually became well-known tourist village.

Since the year 19711972, Tourism Village Kasongan remarkable progress. Sapto Hudoyo (A great artist Yogyakarta) to help develop a tourist village with a building society Kasongan mostly craftsmen to provide a variety of commercial and artistic touch to the design so that the earthenware pottery produced does not create the impression that boring and monotonous, but it can provide value and value of art economy high. Ceramic Kasongan used commercially in large scale by Sahid Ceramics around the year1980.

Village Tourism

Results from the craft Earthenware produced by Kasongan in general form jar with various motifs (peacockdragonrose and many others), pot various sizes (from small to shoulder the size of adults), souvenirpicture frame, Wall hangings, furniture such astable and chair, Etc.. But then developing varied products includeinterest clone of leaf banana, Furniture bamboomask-Topengan and many others. The results are good-quality handicrafts and has been exported to foreign countries such as Europe and America. Usually, this village is frequently visited by tourists visiting theYogyakarta.

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