List Of Culinary Tours Of Jogjakarta

Mang Restaurant Engking

Mang Restaurant Engking This originally was a place for the cultivation of prawns which was pioneered by two men who came from Sunda, namely Engking Sodikin and Mr. Ade. As I teach people about the cultivation of prawns, they then opened a shop which then evolved and became Mang Engking Restaurant.
Special Waroeng Sambal – Waroeng SS

Special Waroeng Sambal – Waroeng SS was established in mid 2002 by Heri Yoyok Bulaksumur Wahyono in Yogyakarta with different service concept with shops or restaurants that already exists.

The uniqueness of the concept developed by the owner was getting a good response from customers, including excess Warung Special Sambal on the quality of flavor sauce, chili menu offered variety, processing orders, based made to order, and orders the presentation of the procedures.

Nanamia pizzeria

Nanamia pizzeria – Pizza for Modern Traditional Pizza, The first time you hear his name sounds strange because of something that is synonymous with pizza Mamamia, not nanamia. Relax, nanamia is a name that is slightly diplesetkan course, because a merger sentence nanamia Mamamia with nana. Nana? Nana is Nanamia pizzeria restaurant name owner.

Ayam Goreng Ny. Suharti

Ayam Goreng Ny. Suharti is a restaurant that becomes one of the culinary destination that deserves to be tried in jogja. Its location at the fork in the road Babarsari Solo – Jogja. The diner who has the original picture was owned by Mrs Suhartinya Mrs. Suharti, fried chicken restaurant he was the first in Jogja.

Resto Jejamuran

Resto Jejamuran with its unique motto ridiculous but delicious, if we try to think of where there is a ridiculous but delicious food? how ya? Direct mending you feel alone .. Jejamuran Resto Resto is specialized in providing the main food made from fungi like mushrooms tongseng, satay mushrooms, shitake pancakes, until wedang jejamuran also exist. This restaurant is located in Jejamuran Niron, Sleman, which is approximately 800 meters from the intersection Beran toward the North. Resto Jejamuran owned and managed by Mr. Ratudjo and managed with his wife.

Contact Address and Phone Number Jejamuran

Niron, Pandowoharjo, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55 512

Phone: (0274) 868170

Tip Top Ice Cream

Tip Top Ice Cream already quite legendary and well known among the community of Jogja city, from small children to old people though. Tip Top Ice Cream, located on the road this Mangkubumi established since 1936.

Ice cream menu, which is presented in the Tip Top Ice Cream at all because it’s very unique home made ice creamnya (handmade). The menu is presented at Tip Top Ice Cream, among others: the Mont-Blanc, Tutti-Fruti, Mont-Blanck, Cassata, a variety of Single Scope, and many more ice cream menu is worth your try.
Contact Address and Phone Number Phone Tip Top Ice Cream
Jl. Mangkubumi No. Yogyakarta 24 55 232
Phone: (0274) 7111700
Handphone: 081328771700
Meatball Malang Cak Masrur

Meatball Malang Cak Masrur famous in Yogyakarta. Through Baksomu motto Choose Alone, you can select your own meatballs. Try your stop at the shop this Cak Masrur Meatball Malang . Cak Masrur who also works as the dentist was, bringing a special dumpling skins from Malang to get a taste of unique and delicious.There is a long fried dumplings, fried or fried round flowers. As for the fans jerohan cow, can select jerohan lungs and intestines fried bacem, there is also a kikil and tripe stewed with spices. For meatballs, meatballs can choose smooth or tendon meatballs. Enthusiasts meatball dumplings, meatballs can also get dumplings at this stall.
Waroeng Steak and Shake

Waroeng Steak and Shake already has five branches in DIY. Waroeng steak is open from 12:00 am until 22:00 each day (Friday open at 13:00). Simple interior arrangement while still promoting a trendy and comfortable atmosphere for young people. Waroeng Steak offers a wide selection of special dishes from beef steak, chicken, fish and shrimp, as well as various beverages such as milkshakes and fruit juices.

Food stalls typical Phuket Thailand

Food stalls typical Phuket Thailand which was located near the bridge this Lempuyangan, provide some kind of typical Thai food. The snack bar menu mainstay in Phuket Thailand is a typical chicken porridge phuket, Bangkok fried chicken, and grilled chicken phuket. The menu served is typical of Thai food that has been modified to tongue Indonesian people, but if you want to feel the genuine taste of typical Thailand, you can ask directly to the chef who has Thai blood.

Contact Address and Phone Number typical Warung Restaurant Phuket Thailand

Jl. Dr. Wahidin No. 8 Yogyakarta
Handphone: 08882853021

Iga Bakar Warung

Iga Bakar Warung provide a menu such as grilled rack of spicy grilled ribs, honey-roasted ribs, grilled barbeque ribs, grilled ribs, garlic, black pepper and grilled ribs. In addition to grilled ribs menu, Iga Bakar Warung also provides a menu of soup, which konro soup, ribs soup, and soup vein. And you are concerned with high cholesterol, Iga Bakar neutralizing koresterol Warung provide refreshments, namely Honey Squash (drink honey mixed with lime juice) and vegetable juice or vegetable juice flavored mocha, melon, and strawberries.

Restaurants Sekar Kedhaton

Restaurants Sekar Kedhaton is a restaurant located in the historic town of Kota Gede Yogyakarta which has a very unique place. In this Kedhaton Restaurants Sekar, guests can not only enjoy the best food but also can find an atmosphere of luxury and comfort with touches of a thick Javanese ethnic decorations.
Papa Rons Pizza

Papa Rons Pizza The first time was first introduced in Jakarta Fair, 2000 under the management of PT. Mitratama Setiamandiri language. In early 2000, Papa Rons Pizza began expanding its business openly with the franchise system in several cities in Indonesia. Seeing the rapidly growing franchise Papa Rons Pizza, PT. Setiamandiri changed its name to PT. Eatertainment International Tbk. assuming that can compete in the global market.

Bale Raos, Royal Cuisine Restaurant

Bale Raos, Royal Cuisine Restaurant is one of the few restaurants serving cuisine favorite Sultan of Yogyakarta, Sultan Hamengkubuwono of favorite dishes VII came to the Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. All the ingredients for these dishes come from herbs and traditional spices.

Kapuas Estuary Restaurant – Fish, and Ayam Bakar Special

Kapuas Estuary Restaurant – Fish, and Ayam Bakar Special is a specialist fish restaurant and grilled chicken. One of the recommended diet is ingkung chicken, fried tilapia, roasted sweet and sour carp, Wader fries, an assortment of hot sauce, kale cha.

Contact Address and Phone Number Kapuas Estuary Restaurant – Fish, and Ayam Bakar Special
Jl. Captain Haryadi Ngentak Sinduharjo choosed, Sleman, Yogyakarta
Phone: (0274) 7894622, 08164228689

Gudeg pawon

Gudeg pawon This has existed since 1952. Pawon name taken from the Javanese of the word “kitchen”, and also because the menu is served warm straight from the kitchen, where gudegnya cooked. Pawon including warm dishes warm dry, reddish brown gudegnya because flushing areh (already spiced coconut milk). In Gudeg pawon also provides a variety of complementary, such as chicken, eggs, tofu, and chili fries krecek. You must be patient a little because the applicants are very much Gudeg pawon because it is very well known in Yogyakarta.

Address Gudeg pawon
I warm pawon
Jl. Dr. Soepomo, YogyakartaGudeg pawon II

Jl. Janturan, Yogyakarta

Liquid Club Cafe and Resto

Liquid Club Cafe and Resto which is a tool Liquid Company owned restaurant located on Jl Magelang looks magnificent and crowded. Monday 9 June 2008 is a grand openingnya so visitors crowded the fair from 10 am until 3 o’clock in the morning. Liquid Club Cafe and Resto with Venua area that is clean, luxurious and of course with special menu2. Starting from the sea fod until European cuisine served here. with the room with transparent white glass and pampered by the friendly service, make love if you do not try Liquid Club Cafe and Resto.

Pondok Cabe

Pondok Cabe This presents a menu with 12 kinds of hot sauce choices are certainly very worthy for you to try, especially for you to sit and eat with a taste very spicy. Pondok Cabe has to choose his own concept of hot sauce like Warung SS, and a choice of sauces as much as the SS, the place is very comfortable and the price is quite cheap.

Sample menus are offered in Pondok Cabe besides chilli variety is roasted rice, tamarind Garang, Botok mlanding, Empal, Fish Wader, fried quail eggs Satay, Satay intestine, Tofu, Tempeh mendoan, and masi many lai, please check directly

Contact Address and Phone Number Pondok Cabe

Pondok Cabe I
Jl. C. Simanjuntak 41b Yogyakarta
Phone: 081392922121

Pondok Cabe II
Jl. Affandi 28B Yogyakarta
Phone: (0274) 7001180

Yu Djum Gudeg Kendil

Yu Djum Gudeg Kendil, which is located at Jalan Kaliurang, very famous in Yogyakarta. Yu Djum served with warm servings or Kendil besek. While the contents of  Yu Djum Gudeg  itself is sweet, Krecek, bacem Chicken Meat and Eggs. You also can choose according to your portion.

Contact Address and Phone Number Gudeg Yu Djum

Jl. Karang Asem Kaliurang Km 4.5 Yogyakarta 55281 CT III/22
Jl. Kaliurang Km 4.5 Gang Srikaton No. 2 Yogyakarta 55281
Phone: (0274) 515968, 7830505

Duck and Chicken Fried Pak Ndut

Duck and Chicken Fried Pak Ndut This is the original from Kartasura which opened a branch in Yogyakarta, which is special about this diner menu in addition to the duck and chicken are a match sambel special. Duck and Chicken Fried Pak Ndut is open from 8:30 o’clock until 22:00 o’clock. Duck and Chicken Fried Pak Ndut can also receive orders.

Contact Address and Phone Number Duck and Chicken Fried Pak Ndut

Jl. C. Simanjuntak No. 29, Terban, Yogyakarta
Phone: (0274) 6664426

Hotaru Japanese Rest

Hotaru Japanese Rest is a Japanese cuisine restaurant special. Resto which has the motto Place Gather the family and the Japanese Community provides a variety of Japanese cuisine can shake your tongue like Cali Maki, beef Katsu, Yakiniku beef, Miso / Shoyu Ramen, etc..

In addition to providing Japanese food, Hotaru Japanese restaurant also provides various facilities such as Area Wide lesehan, Dojo Japanese martial arts, Counter Japanese fashion, Japanese accessories Counter, Counter Japanese martial art, Hotaru Member card, secure parking and spacious, Japan Regular Event, and many again.

Hotaru Japanese Rest Alamata
Jl. Sorogan No. 1 Yogyakarta (South Mirota Godean

H. Fried Duck Original Slamet

H. Fried Duck Original Slamet who exactly is on the road Gejayan / Affandi is a branch of Duck Fried Pak Slamet Kartosuro original address at Sedahromo RT.01/RW.07 Lor, Kartasuro, Sukoharjo, Central Java. Texture of fried duck into the main menu here is very soft at all, once bitten directly destroyed in your mouth.

You can order one or even ducks per item (chest, thigh, head, rempelo ati, and to claw / chicken legs). H. Fried Duck Slamet has sambel mainstay matches which have been recognized a lot of people, which are presented to accompany the menu of fried duck.

H. Fried Duck Address Original Slamet
Jl. Gejayan Yogyakarta

Peppermint Ice Cream Cafe

Peppermint Ice Cream Cafe is a cafe that provides the main menu of several kinds of ice cream, besides this cafe also provides a menu such as: Hot Dog, Burger, Fries Fried, and others.

For you lovers of food is very sweet and people who are included in the category of “handyman snacking”, hehehe … You should try this place, suitable place to gather with family, friends, and your best friend.

Contact Address and Phone Number Peppermint Ice Cream Cafe
Jl. Dr. Sutomo No. 33 Yogyakarta (Near the Cinema of Mataram)
Phone: (0274) 549709

Kluwak Depot

Kluwak Depot Java provides food with a recipe has been handed down, the menu of food that you should try Nasi Rawonnya certainly is, because it tastes delicious and fragrant. Menu rawon besides rice, among others: Rice Brongkos, suffocating Meat and Salad Solo.Kluwak Depot also provides some drinks, such as: Tea Sugar Rock, Rock Sugar Ginger, Ginger Milk Sugar Rock, Rock Sugar Ginger Tea, and Fresh Fruit Juice. Kluwak Depot also received orders for gathering events, gatherings, and other special events, also provide delivery service.

Contact Address and Phone Number Depot kluwak
Jl. Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta 30 A
Phone: (0274) 544462
Roast Chicken Mbah Purwo

Roast Chicken Mbah Purwo roast chicken subscription figure is the late Umar Kayam, and highly recommended by Mr. Bondan Winarno in Culinary show. Fried Chicken sell chicken grilled Mbah Purwo Klatennya, placed in tenongan (a kind of large basket made of tin).

Roast chicken Mbah Purwo tastes very distinctive smell and flavor santannya “definitely” will arouse your appetite. Now this is only Mbah Purwo course, which still sells these baked chicken Klaten way as the original. Roast chicken can be from Mrs Mbah Purwo Bien already a few decades make this roasted chicken gagrak Klaten.

Roast Chicken Address Mbah Purwo
Home Store Maju Jaya, Malioboro, Yogyakarta

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