Tree Houses of The Pines

Tour East Java : Tree House Of  The Pines

Of  Taman Dayu – Pandaan – Pasuruan

Tree Houses Of “The Pines” Of The Outbound & Camping Ground At Taman Dayu – Pandaan – Pasuruan :

The 7 Tree Houses was built 2004 in The Pines Forest up hill of The Taman Dayu Estate & Golf Course., the high from the ground floor 3 – 4 and 5 meters.

No nails, screws or bolts to the trees, the tree house use the Clamp system, and hang it self to the two trees by the clamps with the distance 3 meteres length.Both trees goes through the floor and the roof, so inside the room size 4 m x 4 m  you will see the 2 trees, with some branches.6 peoples could sleep comfortable in every tree house, and after 6 years still strong enough.

I remember before it was launching, the storm stroke around the hill, some trees fell dawn… but the Tree Houses stand still.

I knew all the details of the Tree Houses because I was the one who pointed by The General Manager when I worked there for 7 years as Maintenance/Service Manager (1997 – 2004) to build it.

During The Meeting The General Manager asked the Managers to give  ideas what should be built specific in The Out Bound/ camping ground area in the Pines Forest of The Taman Dayu Estate & Golf Course (350 Ha) Pandaan _ Pasuruan – East Java, and I mentioned why don’t we build Tree Houses ?

End of the meeting The General Manager said : because you the one gave the idea of the Tree House… so you will be the one should build it.

Please go to for more detail about TAMAN DAYU

That is the story of the 7 Tree Houses.

(Written by Rama Yappy Kawitarka)

Many thank to Wandos Lapendos who took the Beautiful Picture of Tree house and tagged on Face Book :

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