Coban Rondo Waterfall – Batu Area

Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo Waterfall is also one object owned ecotourism in Malang. Located 12 km from Stone Town, or rather in the Village Pandansari Kec. Pujon. In this ecotourism objects you will encounter a waterfall with a height of 60 m.

Forest Tourism Area Waterfall Coban Rondo is the region most easily ecotourism travel. Entrance to the location is already paved, so it’s easier if tourists want to visit this ecotourism object. Around Coban Rondo waterfall, tree-lined mountain pine and spruce, made the atmosphere at these sights seemed cool.

Mini Zoo Not only are there waterfalls in this ecotourism object. You also can see the panoramic beauty of the town of Batu, toga plants, various animals and the inn is currently in construction phase

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